What You Should Look For In An Outdoor Horse Rug

Knowing which horse rug is right for your horse can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming! With so many to choose from in different sizes, styles, and weights, it’s no wonder you can find yourself confused. Narrowing down what you’re looking for is helpful. Knowing what you need from your horse’s new rug will allow you to explore your options. There is a range of different horse rugs in the UK and we’re going to help you find exactly what your horse needs. Below, we’ll help you decide what you should look for in an outdoor horse rug.

What is a Turnout Rug?

One of the most popular horse rugs is the turnout rug. If you’re thinking about buying a horse, this rug is one of the first items you’ll need to buy. If you’re an experienced horse owner, you’ll have come across a lot of these in your lifetime. Turnout rugs are worn by a horse when they are out of the stable and in their field. They are often made from high-quality material as they tend to get a lot of wear. They’re designed for heavy use and are designed not to tear. Turnout rugs are worn when your horse is outdoors, so what kind of features should they have?

polo horses wearing turnout horse rugs

Warmth – Heavy-Weight Winter Rugs

In the winter months, horses can struggle to regulate their body heat themselves and therefore need a heavyweight horse rug to keep them warm when they’re out in their field. They can provide insulation to your horse in the coldest temperatures.  Not only will a thick winter rug be beneficial for the cold weather, but they also help to keep your horse clean. Horses are likely to accumulate mud and dirt which can cause irritation, so using these rugs in winter can help from dust collecting in their coats.

Temperature Regulating – Light Weight Turnout Rugs

If you’re keeping your horse in a field in the spring/autumn seasons, making sure that they’re not too hot or too cold is key. A lightweight outdoor rug helps to keep your horse warm on cooler days and cool when the temperature begins to heat up. Spring is known for its showers and turning your horse out in a lightweight rug during this season can help to keep it sheltered from the elements.

Waterproof Rugs

Having a waterproof option for your horse is a must-have. If you have a horse that spends most of its time outdoors, you’re going to want to keep it as comfortable as possible. Choosing a waterproof rug allows your horse to exercise outside but stay protected from the bad weather. If your horse is clipped, a day out in the field in the rain can leave them freezing so it is important that you choose the right rug to help prevent this. Waterproof rugs can come in all weights, and you can even opt for a summer sheet to keep your horse dry on the warmer days in summer.