Fashion Advertising

Fast Fashion News readers are interested in fashion and lifestyle and are an engaging audience, and there are opportunities for fashion advertising to this core marketing channel.

Fashion advertising opportunities on Fast Fashion News

We reluctantly use Google Adsense to help fund our overheads like server costs and writers. We really want to pay them what they deserve. But we’d prefer control over who advertises on our website, where we have ad space available on the sidebar of each page and article.

As such we would like to keep this in-house and advertising space is for hire to help with those running costs. If you want to be the clothing brand to utilise our traffic please get in touch by emailing and ask for a media pack.

Available Ad space is:

  • Sidebar ad space – 300×300
  • Homepage ad space – Various sizing available.

We can also help with PR projects. We have helped Clothing Brands launch and have syndicated press releases across our network. We have case studies of work undertaken on how we have achieved first-page ranking for new brands.

We can assign our UK degree-educated writers to compile an article for the Brand Spotlight section of our site.

Affiliate Marketing

We are currently trialling affiliate marketing on the site and this has given some useful statistics. Here are some key stats:

  • 10K – Average monthly traffic from streetwear based searches
  • 10% Click-through rate to external sites
  • £76.40 – Average order value from those external visits.

User Demographics

Our fashion site visitors are commonly interested in streetwear and urban clothing. Google analytics gives us valuable user demographic and behaviour statistics. We have many unique daily visitors and they are split:

  • Geography: UK (52%), USA (12%)
  • Gender: Male (55%), Female (45%)
  • Age: 25-34 (34%), 18-24 (32%), 35-44 (15%)
  • 60% Mobile Visits
  • Average time on site 3 minutes and 14 seconds.
  • Interests: Fashion, Sport, Lifestyle

Fashion Advertising Benefits

The British Fashion Council estimate that the brand equity of the UK fashion industry is worth some £202 million per year. The UK Fashion Industry is estimated to have contributed £20.92 Billion to the UK GBP in 2009, and the youth fashion market is the big decider in what is hot, and what is not. And at Fashion Fashion News we are at the forefront of Youth Fashion with many page visitors getting their direction.

We offer advertising space via banners, so if you have an interest please contact us at

Fashion Advertising with us

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What is Fashion Advertising?

Fashion advertising is advertising with the purpose of creating awareness and promotion for the fashion industry, usually a brand, retailer or designer.

It covers clothing and garments, accessories and jewellery, footwear, and other aspects of the fashion industry.

Fashion advertising connects the consumer with the business (B2C) or could be a fashion brand connecting with a retailer (B2B).

Types of fashion advertising

We are a fashion blog and news site, so we are digital print. Our intention is to provide informative content for our readers. There are other types of fashion advertising including:

Print (Newspaper, Magazine and Billboards)

Magazines like Vogue have long been the main fashion advertising source, with the cover being a sort-after brand awareness opportunity. Demand for print advertising is falling, but subscriptions have remained at the same levels with a consumer switch to online reading now at 50%.

Billboard space can be highly visible with key locations getting huge footfall. Iconic places like Times Square and Picadilly Circus.

Video (TV Commercials and Social Media)

Television ad space is premium but ensures high viewing figures and great for brand awareness to the target audience. Social media and Youtube have opened up an alternative route away from TV. Radio tends not to work for fashion due to the absence of visual appeal.

Social Influencers, Celebrities and High profile individuals

As a society we are interested in how people live, aspiring to have the same style. TV and Film actors, Popstars, Sporting Greats, all have adoring fans and a captive audience who are easily influenced. It’s an easy route to market to get products seen by a huge number of people. Reality TV has opened up a world of Social Influencing.

Fashion Bloggers

You don’t need to have 5 million followers to make an impact, niche fashion bloggers can have devoted followers heavily influenced. Online research for brand reviews is commonplace for 2021.