A-Z of Streetwear and Urban Clothing Retailers

From the national chains to small independent stores, there is more than just online websites available for your favourite Urban Clothing Retailers. But both can be hard to find so we thought we’d collate a list of fast fashion retailers for where you can buy streetwear in the UK. We also have a dedicated streetwear brands page if you’d prefer to shop direct.

Please note it is difficult to keep up to date with streetwear retailers that close, rename or move. This is intended to help you find fashion stockists and you should always check they are still trading. Urban Celebrity has recently ceased trading for example, and the local high streets have been decimated. Clothing retailers in particular have struggled in 2020 and 2021, but there is plenty of shopping available for urban clothing online.

This list is also useful if you are aiming to be stocked in a retailer as a clothing brand owner. We advise you read our post on how retailers choose brands before making contact if you are a clothing brand wanting to be stocked. If you are a consumer looking to buy the best streetwear fashion, we aim to deliver in this fashion retailers list.

urban clothing retailers

We have not separated out between womenswear and menswear, as most clothing retailers stock both. Also most of these stock the big fashion brands so your favourite streetwear clothing label might not be stocked here.


Best Urban Clothing Stores list

Retailer Name Website
Accent accentclothing.com
ASOS asos.com
Boohoo boohoo.com
DV8 dv8fashion.com
End. endclothing.com
EQVVS eqvvs.co.uk
Footaslyum footasylum.com
JD Sports jdsports.co.uk
Milano Couture mconline.co.uk
The Chimp Store thechimpstore.com
Slam Jam SlamJam.com
The Edit LDN theeditldn.com
Vrnts vrients.com


Other Urban Clothing Websites

Retailer Name Website
Lost Rockstar lostrockstar.co.uk
Online Attire onlineattire.com
Thomas Gun thomasgun.com
Reem Clothing reemclothing.com
Street Secret streetsecret.co.uk
Urban Celebrity closed
Urban Excess urbanexcess.com
Urban Industry urbaninustry.co.uk
Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com

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    There are other online urban fashion stores of course, and it seems redundant to list every single one that doesn’t suit our focus. Most of these stores can be found in town centres and shopping centres around the UK or are dedicated urban streetwear websites.

    What is Urban clothing?

    Urban just means related to towns and cities, so urban culture is just associated with the youth in inner-city populated areas. The apparel style can vary across different countries and municipalities, from the American ghetto to the streets of Japan.

    Urban clothing and fashion forward streetwear are more casual and associated with jeans, unique designs on t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, shorts, sneakers and caps. It’s often heavily associated with skate parks and surfing culture and the hip hop scene.

    In the UK there is a heavy cross over with sports and athleisurewear and collections for men, women and children. The design intention was always stylish enough for the gym or bar and the fashion industry were adapting.

    The trendsetting brands often were successful based on one pioneering product that was in high-demand, for example, the Sik Silks baseball jersey and Hera London’s skinny jeans. Luxury sportswear is popular with Generation Z as they always want to look good even in the Gym, pushed by the pressure of social media.

    In Britain especially, Reality TV played a big part in showcasing streetwear to the masses. Shows like Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea, and The Only Way is Essex were highly popular in the youth demographic, with the stars becoming social influencers with huge Instagram followings inspiring their audience to purchase.

    Successful fashion brands used social media to increase their brand awareness, which was a powerful marketing tool. They may not have been the best high quality items, but they were in high demand. And UK clothing retailers began to stock them with exclusive deals to cater for their mass appeal.


    What is an Urban clothing store?

    These are either physical stores or online shops. Internet based online retailers has enabled consumers to buy from websites worldwide to find that unique trend and style. Of the back of the bedroom brand success, high-street stores started to produce their own streetwear brands or urban styles to cater to the youth market, such as Footasylum’s Kings Will Dream clothing brand.

    Urban clothing stores are a great place to go if you’re searching for the latest in fashion. They typically carry clothes that can be worn both casually and formally, though some stores sell only streetwear.

    Buying online on urban online clothing stores securely

    We’d always recommend buying your clothing online through reputable stores to avoid any issues. While there are precautions you can take to avoid getting scammed, simply using websites you know reduce the risk. Something to bear in mind though, any online purchases have great protection from Distance Selling Regulations and under the credit card consumer act.


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