Kickers: 50 Years Of Streetwear Style

The Origin Of Kickers Footwear

Kickers is a footwear brand that originated in France in 1970. It was founded by Daniel Raufast, who wanted to create comfortable and stylish shoes. The first pair of Kickers shoes were designed with a unique stitching pattern, which became the signature look for the brand.

The name “Kickers” comes from the English word for football players who kick the ball. This name was chosen because Raufast believed his shoes would be perfect for people who played sports or were on their feet all day. The logo of Kickers also features a green and red circle, which represents two halves of a football.

Kickers uses high-quality materials such as leather and suede to make their shoes. They are known for their durable construction and comfortable fit. Over time, they have expanded their product line to include boots, sandals, and other types of footwear. Despite changes in fashion trends over the years, Kickers has remained popular among consumers due to its timeless designs and superior quality.

However, as the brand expanded beyond just football footwear, it kept its iconic name and logo. Today, Kickers produces a wide range of shoes for both men and women in various styles, such as boots and sandals. They still use their recognizable green circle logo on many of their products.

Despite its origins in sports footwear, Kickers has become known for its fashion-forward designs over time. The brand has maintained its reputation for quality while staying up-to-date with current trends. This combination of style and durability is what has made them so popular among consumers all around the world today.

The Materials Used In Kickers

Kickers footwear is known for its durability and longevity. This is primarily due to the materials used in their construction. The uppers of Kickers shoes are typically made from high-quality leather, providing comfort and strength. Leather is a natural material that can withstand wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for footwear.

In addition to leather uppers, Kickers also use rubber soles in their shoes. Rubber is a durable material that offers excellent traction on various surfaces. It also provides cushioning and shock absorption, which makes walking more comfortable.

To ensure the longevity of their products, Kickers uses high-quality stitching techniques when constructing their shoes. They employ skilled craftsmen and women who carefully stitch each component together using strong thread. This attention to detail ensures that the shoes will not fall apart easily and will last for years.

Overall, Kickers’ focus on quality materials has contributed significantly to its success as a brand over the years. By using only top-notch materials like leather and rubber while employing expert craftsmanship during production, they have created a reputation for themselves as makers of reliable footwear built to last.

Colour Waves Available in Kickers

Kickers footwear is known for its iconic design and vibrant colours. The brand offers a wide range of colour options to choose from, making it easy for anyone to find a pair that suits their personal style. From classic black and brown to bold reds and greens, Kickers has something for everyone.

One popular choice among Kickers fans is the classic red colourway. This bright shade adds a pop of colour to any outfit and makes a statement wherever you go. Another favourite is the green option, which offers a more muted tone but still stands out in its own way.

In addition to these bold choices, Kickers offers more subdued colours like navy blue, grey, and beige. These neutral shades are perfect for those who prefer a more understated look or want shoes that can easily be paired with any outfit. No matter your preferred style, there’s sure to be a Kickers shoe that fits the bill!

Soles of Kickers with green and red spots determining which is left and right
Famous for their comfortable fit and colour coded shoes

Difference Between Red And Green

Kickers have always had two tags on the uppers, one is red, and the other is green. This is a simple colour-coding to depict the left and right shoes.

The red tag signifies the left shoe, and the green tag is the right shoe. The soles are also stamped with a red or green dot to aid the consumer in knowing which shoe goes on which foot.’

When Did They Become Popular

Kickers became popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s thanks to their unique design and durability. The brand quickly gained a following among young people looking for comfortable shoes that withstand everyday wear’s rigours. Kickers’ popularity continued throughout the 1990s, as they became a staple of youth culture.

It was the Kick Hi style or the now famous boots that really propelled them into worldwide popularity with the leather tag attached to the laces they became an icon of footwear fashion that has never seemed to wane.

Talking of the leather tag attachment, this was often taken from the boot and worn as an accessory on a belt by the casuals that took over UK fashion in the 80’s. Quite often seen as an emblem of the culture the tags took on a life of their own. This did lead to some retailers removing them from shoes as the more light-fingered kids had a penchant for removing them whilst in the shop.

Kickers became so popular because of their association with music subcultures such as punk, mod and ska. Many musicians and fans wore Kickers on stage or at gigs, helping spread brand awareness. Additionally, Kickers were seen as an affordable alternative to other high-end shoe brands.

During the 80s in the UK, the Kicker was the shoe the casuals chose as it was a smarter version of the usual trainers like the Gazelle or Stan Smith. The colourways that Kickers had seemed to go with any casual outfit as pastels and lighter colours become de riguer for that short period of time.

As time passed, Kickers expanded their product line to include boots, sandals and other types of footwear. However, despite this expansion into new markets, they remained popular among young people in particular. Today, Kickers continue to be worn by those who value comfort and style above all else.

Famous Kicker Wearers

David Bowie, Liam Gallagher and Jarvis Cocker are just a few of the famous faces who have been spotted wearing Kickers. Bowie was known for his eclectic style and often wore the iconic Kick Hi boots on stage during his performances. Meanwhile, Oasis frontman Gallagher was regularly seen sporting a pair of classic black Kickers with his signature parka jacket.

English musician Jarvis Cocker also embraced the Kickers trend in the 90s, pairing them with tailored suits to create a unique look that perfectly embodied Britpop style. Other notable wearers include The Streets’ Mike Skinner and British actor Idris Elba.

Kickers’ popularity among musicians has continued in recent years, with artists such as Skepta and Stormzy incorporating the brand’s footwear into their streetwear-inspired looks. As well as being popular among music stars, Kickers have become a staple in many fashion-conscious individuals’ wardrobes across generations thanks to their timeless design and durability.

Pair of tan leather vintage Kickers
The vintage boots had lots of style and that world famous sole


Kickers is a brand that has been around for over 50 years, and as such, they have had to adapt to the changing times. One of the ways in which they have done this is by prioritizing sustainability. Kickers uses sustainable materials in their footwear, including recycled rubber and leather alternatives made from plant-based materials.

In addition to using sustainable materials, Kickers also takes steps to reduce waste during production. They use cutting-edge technology to minimize material waste and recycle any leftover scraps. This reduces their environmental impact and helps them save money on production costs.

Kickers’ commitment to sustainability isn’t just good for the environment but also for business. Consumers are increasingly concerned about their purchases’ impact on the planet, and companies that prioritize sustainability are more likely to attract these environmentally conscious customers. By investing in sustainable practices, Kickers is ensuring its longevity as a brand while doing its part to protect our planet for future generations.

Who Owns The Kickers Brand Now

Kickers footwear has been a popular choice for many people over the years. The brand was established in 1970 and has since gone through several owners. The Kickers brand is owned by a French company called Royer Group.

Royer Group acquired Kickers in 2007, adding it to its portfolio of footwear brands. The group specializes in designing and manufacturing shoes for men, women, and children. They have more than 60 years of experience in the industry and operate globally.

Since acquiring Kickers, Royer Group has continued to produce stylish yet comfortable, high-quality shoes. They have also expanded the range of products available under the Kickers brand name, including clothing and accessories such as bags and hats. With their expertise in the industry, Royer Group is committed to keeping up with changing trends while maintaining the integrity of this iconic brand.

The Future Of Kickers

Kickers have been a famous footwear brand for decades, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With its focus on sustainability and quality materials, the future of Kickers looks bright. The company continues to innovate and improve upon its designs, ensuring that each new collection is even better than the last.

One area where Kickers is particularly excelling in innovation is their use of sustainable materials. The company has made a commitment to using eco-friendly materials wherever possible, such as recycled rubber soles and organic cotton uppers. This helps reduce waste and ensures that customers can feel good about purchasing products from a brand that cares about the environment.

Another critical factor in the future success of Kickers will be their ability to adapt to changing fashion trends while still maintaining their signature style. The brand has always been known for its classic, timeless designs, but they also introduce new styles and colourways that appeal to younger generations. By striking this balance between tradition and innovation, Kickers is poised for continued success in the years ahead.