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The FFN Writers

We have a select team of writers, who all have their own particular set of skills and specialised subjects.

Meet the A-Team

Chloé Safilo
Chloé Saffio is our resident Fast Fashion Expert for the UK Urban and Streetwear scene. Her eyes have been constantly glued to social media for the last 10 years giving her an unrivalled insight. In her spare time, she used to like shopping and lying in the sunshine and making the pilgrimage to Ibiza. Now, she is a tired and grumpy new mother and back from maternity leave as the full time FFN writer. Chloe lives in London where she completed her journalism degree at the University of Roehampton. She lives in a small flat Putney with her fiancée Christian, daughter Sofia, and their French Bulldog Coco. And she's on the look out for a nice house and garden at a bargain price,
Olivia Doonan
Olivia lives in Brooklyn and is our USA correspondent. Giving us all the latest styles and trends stateside to keep us informed about our American Cousins, and covering New York fashion week for us.
Emily Osborne
Emily is the stylish one in the office, usually wearing the latest trends and knowing exactly what the celebs are up too. You'll spot her covering London Fashion week in her famed Leopard print.
Rebecca Munton
Rebecca is a freelance writer and contributor to Fast Fashion News. She also writes for a range of independent businesses across the UK. For more information (or to say hello!), visit
Stefano Safilo
Stefano Safilo is an extraordinary Italian author, renowned for his captivating works on health, beauty, and fashion. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Milan, Stefano's unique perspective on life brings an innovative and inspiring approach to his writing.
From a young age, Stefano developed a deep passion for the world of aesthetics, recognizing the powerful impact it can have on individuals' lives. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and self-expression, his work explores the intricate connection between personal well-being and outward appearance.
Michael Keane
Michael covers health, sport, fitness and technology for us. He is not allowed to write about fashion as articles on hoodies and jeans are not in demand. Well maybe we will let him one day
The Editor
The boss has been a newspaper editor when print was all the rage. Now, he spends his time trying to understand modern fashion.

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