Offensive Fashion

To be offensive is causing someone to feel resentful, upset, or annoyed. In a fashion sense, the anti-establishment Punk Era used shock value to...

Be a Fashion Brand Ambassador

fashion brand ambassador
What is a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador is someone hired to represent a brand positively to increase brand awareness and sales, through product endorsement. The...

What is the difference between snapbacks and trucker hats?

Trucker caps vs Snapbacks
Most people don't know their trucker hat from a snapback cap. And the reason is not what you think. You see, technically a Snapback...

Scar Tissue Clothing

Year Started:2016 Seasons: AW16,SS17,AW17,SS18,AW18,SS19 Website | Wholesale | ...

Insider secrets – How retailers choose brands

Scar Tissue
Have you ever wondered how a retailer chooses which brands to have on their site or how it works? Perhaps you are an urban...
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