Explore the magic and charm of a garden summer house

The fast-paced city lifestyle has made the search for spaces surrounded by nature and tranquillity into an increasingly popular trend. A perfect environment to take a break from urban life for a while and recharge energies. A place where there is a possibility to welcome friends and relatives to enjoy and celebrate unique moments. Those ones that allow you to share quality time and create memories that will last forever.

It’s no surprise with the increased working from home and need for extra space at home, that the demand for a garden summer house has increased over the last few years. That place could be a sanctuary that adapts to your needs and preferences, either as an outside office, gym space, or even a den for teenage kids.

Sounds an expensive dream? Even considering aspects such as design, building materials and available resources, it can be a lot more affordable than you think. Plus, you don’t need planning permission as long as doesn’t covers over half the garden, not for domestic use or is over 3 metres high with a pent roof (or 4 metres high with an apex roof).

garden summer house for stroage
You can use a summer house for storage without it being a shed so is still a suitable living space

Trending up: a summer house with its own style

A summer house that reflects a customized style has become an attractive option for those who want to escape the daily grind and immerse themselves in tranquillity. These are spaces designed according to the needs and tastes of each owner. Where size, layout, location and building materials have been chosen to create a personal environment that suits the lifestyle. With the intention of making the most of opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation.

This trend offers the freedom to create spaces where the individual preferences take centre stage. Ensuring that every detail of the summer house not only guarantees durability and adaptability, but also a unique aesthetic appeal.

log cabin summer house
You can get a log cabin summerhouse timber style for your outdoor space

Design beyond the traditional: a space for all types of preferences and needs

When you think of a summer house, the first thing that comes to mind is often a rustic cabin. However, nowadays there is a wide range of models that challenges the expectation, from the most classic to the latest trends in modernity. Lugarde, for example, offers a wide range of designs with an attractive quality-price rate for summer houses. This variety makes it possible to find the best alternatives that adapt the aesthetic preferences of each client and their needs.

In addition, it provides a 3D configurator which helps to design your own summer house. Where it is possible to choose between different options such as walls, supports, ceiling, doors, windows, among others.

small garden summer house
You would want to insulate your garden building if using as a home office

Versatility and integration with the surroundings

A summer house should not only be functional, but also present an architectural design that can integrate in a harmonious way with the surroundings. Each structure should be planned to maximize panoramic views and take advantage of the natural light as much as possible.

From small and cosy structures to spacious summer homes for the entire family. The versatility of these models for different lifestyles and the inclusion of sustainable materials contribute to integration with the environment. These spaces promote human connection and respect for the environment that surrounds us. Which invites us to connect with nature and revitalize the body and mind.

There is no doubt that creating a captivating space has a good impact on our physical and mental well-being, which is a great investment in quality life. Where tranquillity and connection with family and friends become a priority. The preferred alternative to disconnect, recharge energies and live a unique experience.