Europe’s Top Golf Tuition Holiday Destinations for Beginners

For the novice golfer, the quest to improve one’s swing and overall proficiency on the course can be as daunting as it is exciting, particularly when considering the mouth-watering choice of available destinations promising to elevate one’s game.

And if you don’t know your putter from your driver, or the only iron you’ve held had a plug, then it’s likely that first golf will be wracked with nerves.

Europe, with its storied history and deep-seated culture of golf, stands out as a premier choice, offering an array of meticulously curated golf tuition holidays that cater to beginners.

So pack up those clubs, and lets get looking at the best golf travel destinations to shoot some holes.

golf course in the algave
The Algarve has a range of links by the coast


Portugal is a hidden gem for golfers seeking a blend of top-tier tuition and a sunshine trip, with excellent practice facilities and many bars and restaurants. While the Algarve is renowned for its resorts and courses, northern Portugal offers an intimate holiday setting where a new player can immerse themselves in the sport without the distractions of more tourist-heavy areas.

Golf Tuition Holidays in Portugal have PGA professionals providing one-on-one and group lessons at state-of-the-art facilities. The driving range and practice areas are often less crowded, allowing for a focused environment where newcomers can hone their skills. These resorts understand the value of belonging, fostering a welcoming atmosphere where every golfer, regardless of proficiency, feels part of the community.

Whether you are perfecting your swing or mastering your putting, the northern courses provide a serene backdrop for learning. The golf tuition packages are tailored to cater to the beginner golfer, ensuring a steady and supportive progression in the game. By choosing Portugal’s northern treasures for your golfing holiday, you join a select group of enthusiasts who value both the quiet refinement of the sport and the warmth of camaraderie on the course.

La Alcaidesa Costa del Sol
The Costa Del Sol in Spain has a range of top courses in the sunshine

Spain’s Costa Del Golf

Basking in the sun-drenched splendour of Spain’s southern coast, the Costa Del Sol is a premier golfing destination that offers a blend of superb weather and a wealth of courses for beginners to hone their skills. This picturesque region, affectionately dubbed the ‘Costa Del Golf’, is a haven for golfers of all abilities, particularly beginners seeking improvement in their game amidst a welcoming community.

Spain’s Costa Del Sol boasts an impressive array of golf courses tailored to novices, each providing a unique challenge while also offering a supportive environment for learning. With top-notch facilities and expert coaches dedicated to teaching the fundamentals, beginners can indulge in lessons designed to elevate their game at a comfortable pace. The mild climate ensures year-round opportunities for play, enhancing the appeal of this golfing paradise.

Beautiful manicured golf course of Turkey
Turkey has many manicured golf resorts

Turkey’s Scenic Fairways

As a left-field affordable choice, Turkey’s picturesque landscapes offer a stunning backdrop for its scenic fairways, making it a prime destination for golfers seeking tuition holidays at a luxury resort. It does take 4 hours to fly there, so it’s undoubtedly better for longer trips to get maximum value.

Belek, in particular, has emerged as a haven as a golf holiday for beginners, with its array of world-class golf courses. This region takes pride in cultivating a sense of belonging among its visitors, where the camaraderie of the game flourishes alongside the expertise of PGA professionals.

The golf coaching is tailored for those who aspire to either take their first swing or refine their existing skills, or simply to improve their technique and limit the chance of a slice or hook. Lessons are thoughtfully designed to cater to individual needs, ensuring that each golfer receives personalized attention while benefiting from group dynamics. With extensive practice facilities, including driving ranges and putting greens, beginners have the perfect environment to practice new techniques and build confidence under the watchful guidance of seasoned instructors.

A sunshine golf vacation in Turkey is not just about the warm weather lessons and playing a few rounds of golf; it’s an immersive experience in a place with great food and even better weather.

Swilcan Bridge St Andrews Golf Course
Swilcan Bridge at St Andrews Golf Course is one of the most recognisable

Scotland’s Legendary Links

The legendary links of Scotland present a timeless challenge that beckons golfers to the birthplace of the sport and ideal for a short break. Scotland’s courses are steeped in history and tradition, providing a unique backdrop for those looking to immerse themselves in the game’s origins.

For beginners, the prospect of navigating these storied links might seem daunting, but Scotland offers a warm embrace to novices of the sport. With coaching options for beginners, you can find tailored lessons that focus on the fundamentals of swing technique and practice routines. PGA Professionals provide one-on-one and group tuition, ensuring that each golfer receives the attention needed to hone their skills.

Stepping onto the practice areas, beginners are not only learning the game; they are becoming part of a community that shares a passion for golf. The customized golf experiences allow for a personal journey through Scotland’s golfing landscape, with the promise of improvement and the allure of belonging to the game’s rich culture.

Embrace the challenge and the charm of Scotland’s links as you embark on a journey of golfing discovery, complete with expert lessons that will set the foundation for a lifelong love of the sport.

Old Head Of Kinsale golf course jpg
Learn to play golf at the Old Head Of Kinsale golf course, my personal favourite spot and golf club

Ireland’s Emerald Greens

Building on the bespoke golfing experiences found in Portugal’s north, Ireland’s Emerald Greens present another premier destination for beginners eager to learn amidst some of the most breath-taking landscapes in golf. Ireland, with its verdant greens and majestic coastlines, offers an idyllic backdrop for beginning golfers to take their first swing off the tee (and hopefully on the fairway). Golf holidays here are not just about the play with friends; they are a welcoming embrace into the heart of golfing tradition.

The golf courses in Ireland are renowned for their beauty and challenge, providing the perfect environment for novices to absorb the basics and refine their skills. With a variety of golf schools peppered across the country, learners can find the right setting to receive personalized attention from seasoned instructors. These schools offer comprehensive lessons that cover everything from stance to swing, ensuring that each golfer gains a solid foundation.

In Ireland, the spirit of golf is inclusive, with each course and instructor dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging among all golfers. The tailored lessons and the camaraderie found on the greens make it an exquisite place to embark on or continue your golfing journey. As you drive, chip, and putt, the Emerald Isle’s golf holidays promise not just skill enhancement but a heartfelt welcome into the global golfing community.

golf tutor shows how to get out of bunker
Golf lessons help you navigate hazards and best approach from the bunker

Why go on a Golf Tuition Holiday?

It’s important to explore the broader benefits of embarking on a golf tuition holiday. Over 95% of golfers who participate in coaching breaks experience a significant improvement in their golf swing, so is worth a shot.

Such a getaway offers an inclusive environment where aspiring golfers can feel part of a community that shares their passion for the game. The tailored tuition packages provided cater to every golfer’s ability, ensuring that each participant can develop their skills in a supportive setting.

Receiving lessons from seasoned professionals not only accelerates the learning curve but also gives confidence on the course from driving to your short game. A dedicated coach can offer one-on-one attention, fine-tuning your technique with personalized feedback that group settings often lack. Moreover, engaging in practice sessions with a Pro can bring valuable on-course experience, bridging the gap between theory and actual golf play.

Golf coaching holidays are not just about improving your swing or lowering your handicap; it’s an immersive experience that enriches your overall approach to the game. Whether it’s navigating the fairways, mastering the putting green, or simply understanding golf etiquette, each lesson is a step towards becoming a more competent and connected golfer.

What do you get on a Golf Tuition Holiday

Embarking on a golf tuition holiday provides new players with a comprehensive learning experience, encompassing personalized coaching, practice on varied terrains, and the opportunity to play alongside seasoned PGA professionals. These bespoke tuition holidays are expertly designed to make every participant feel part of a special community dedicated to the love of golf and the pursuit of skill enhancement.

The golf tuition breaks tailors its offerings to ensure beginners receive the focused attention they need. From the moment you set foot on the course, an experienced instructor is there to guide you through a series of lessons aimed at building a solid foundation in golfing techniques. You’ll engage in practice sessions that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned, from the driving range to the putting green.

As you progress, you’ll notice a transformation in your abilities, gaining confidence with each swing, putt, and drive.


In conclusion, Europe presents an unparalleled selection of golf tuition holidays that cater to beginners. These destinations offer not only top-notch instruction from PGA professionals but also the chance to play on some of the most beautiful and historic courses in the world.

The combination of expertly crafted training programs with the allure of Europe’s cultural and scenic landscapes provides an enriching experience that extends beyond the fairways, fostering both skill development and an appreciation for the game’s profound heritage.