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The Gym King

Year Started:2014 Website | Wholesale Shop Now Who started the Gym King? The Gym King was started in April 2014, and incorporated in March 2015. This makes it one of...

Why Contemporary Fashion is the Biggest Trend Right Now

Whether you’re into fashion or not, the word “contemporary” gets thrown around a lot. So and so was a contemporary of Albert Einstein or...

7 of the best social media stars who have nailed the athleisure look

The portmanteau “athleisure” might admittedly seem like a strangely contradictory term, not to mention one with a rather fuzzy definition. How exactly do you...

Fall in Love with These 9 Autumn Trends That Look Good on Everyone

Are you ready for autumn trends? Well, brace yourself because this year’s trends are on a whole new level. Of course, fall trends that...

Camo & Buffalo Plaid: How to Wear the 2 Hottest Trends This Fall

Fall brings so many things that spark joy for us, like pumpkin spice lattes, cooler temperatures, changing leaves and, most importantly, our two favorite...

How to become a streetwear model

Instagram influencer/Fashion Model has never been easier to put on the resume. But there is a step up from social media to lifestyle fashion...

Choosing Your Sterling Silver Ring

A silver ring can never steer you wrong. It is beautiful, elegant and goes with everything. The icing on the cake? It is durable....

7 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

For many of us, we dream about having the perfect smile with straight teeth. While some of us are blessed with perfect alignment, others...

Autumn Fashion Tips

Christmas comes but once a year as the saying goes but so does each season, and we want to look and feel our best...

How to become a fashion model

From the aspiring model to the Instagram fashion ambassador who wants to start on a professional career path. There is a high demand to...

Styling Your Closet For Every Season

Building a walk-in closet is a dream come true for many women. The fantasy of having a dedicated storage space that boasts your attractive...

Fashion Must-Haves If You’re Heading for A Winter Vacation

The once happy ritual of a sunny summer holiday became a guessing game of air corridors and mandatory isolation this summer. Even those of...


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The Journalist

Chloé Safilo
Chloé is our resident Fast Fashion Expert for the UK Urban and Streetwear scene. Her eyes have been constantly glued to social media for the last five years giving her an insight that is unrivalled. In her spare time she likes shopping and lying in the sunshine. Each year makes a pilgrimage to Ibiza. Chloe lives in London where she has recently completed her journalism degree at the University of Roehampton. She lives in Putney with her boyfriend Christian, and their French Bulldog Coco.

The Editor

The Editor
The boss has been a newspaper editor when print was all the rage. Now, he spends his time trying to understand modern fashion.

The Geek

Michael Keane
Irish-born Michael Keane is an avid Liverpool FC fan with massive red-tinted glasses who covers health, sport, fitness and technology for us. He is not allowed to write about fashion as articles on hoodies and jeans are not in demand.

The Stateside Reporter

Olivia Doonan
Olivia lives in New York and is our USA correspondent. Giving us all the latest styles and trends stateside to keep us informed about our American Cousins.

The Fashionista

Emily Osborne
Emily is the stylish one in the office, usually wearing the latest trends and knowing exactly what the celebs are up too.