11 Equipment And Supplies To Fully Equip Your Hair Salon

Are you looking to open a new hair salon? Hairdressing is lucrative for anyone with technical know-how. However, starting a salon can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider, from determining what equipment to buy for your salon to identifying which brands offer the best supplies.

The obvious necessities like salon furniture, salon supplies and putting together a friendly team are priorities but the beauty industry will require that you have an extensive range of exclusive brands coupled with the latest innovations all put together at great prices.

The following is a guide to the 11 must-have equipment and supplies to make your salon business successful:

1. Reception Desk And Waiting Area

Your clients can come in to book an appointment or report when they’ve arrived. Organizing the reception area is advisable to ensure check-ins and check-outs run smoothly. The furniture should be welcoming and comfortable so the clients are at ease and look forward to their appointment. Make sure to pick a reception desk and couch that match or complement the interiors of your salon.

2. Mirrors And Lighting

Mirrors are essentials in a salon so your client can see the finished look. Adequate lighting is also required for the stylist to see their work. As an aspiring salon owner, you should invest in ample lighting and high-quality mirrors.

3. Salon Chairs And Stations

Your client will spend most of their time in the styling station in your salon. The area should have ample space for storing tools, stock, supplies, and towels. The chairs are vital equipment in the salon since this is where customers sit to get their preferred service. The styling chairs should be comfortable, especially for clients sitting through a long session. A barber chairs is suitable if you have a barber section; it should be durable and have an adjustable headrest and armrest. 

An extensive range of hair care products including scissors, brushes and hair dryers
Using your favourite brands and adding special offers will encourage customers to come back

4. Hair Styling Tools

It’s impossible to work in a salon without the correct equipment. Preparing the right tools for styling your client’s hair is essential. These tools include hairdryers, hairbrushes, flat irons, curling irons, hair rollers, combs, and makeup brushes. When picking styling tools, select the ones that are durable, efficient, and easy to use.

5. Cutting Tools

Not all clients will come to a salon to get their makeup done or a manicure; some will come to get a new hairdo. Scissors, razors, and other cutting tools are necessary to deliver professional cuts for your clients. Like styling tools, it’s best to get sturdy and handy cutting tools.

6. Towels And Capes

You’ll need towels and capes to cover the clients when offering your services. You’ll also use towels to dry the hair after washing. Good quality towels that are absorbent, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean are the best option for your salon.

7. Shampoo Bowls And Chairs

You use shampoo bowls and chairs to clean the client’s hair before styling. Besides being easily accessible to the stylist, they should be comfortable for the clients. Get an adjustable chair to cater to the customers’ differences in height. The bowls and chairs should also be easy to clean and sanitize.

Black and white salon furniture
The essential salon furniture will go together with your friendly team

8. Products And Supplies

Shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair colour, relaxers, hair spray, hair oil, and other styling products are essential for the day-to-day operation of a hair salon. You need them to create the perfect look for every client that enters your salon. When choosing hair products, pick high-quality and trusted brands at a good price. Also, it’s best to have various products that suit different hair types and price range. 

9. Sanitation Supplies

In an age where somebody can spread disease through contact, it’s vital to maintain a clean and safe environment, especially in places frequented by many people, like a hair salon. Sanitation supplies like solutions for cleaning styling tools, alcohol wipes, and sanitizing sprays should be readily available.

10. POS System

Choose a point-of-sale system with features best suited to your business needs. The world is increasingly becoming digital, with most people preferring cashless payments. A point-of-sale system is essential for processing credit and debit card payments, mobile payments, and other cashless payments. But modern POS systems do more than just accept and process the fees. Look for features that allow appointment scheduling, inventory tracking, and workforce management. 

11. Music System

Installing a music system in your hair salon will create a calm and cordial environment for your clientele. Choosing a wide range of music genres to play will also help you cater to the many musical tastes of your clients. 

Set Up Your Salon Today

Before opening a top-notch salon, investing in the right tools and resources is crucial. The required equipment and supplies vary depending on the size and type of salon you want to open. There are many places to purchase what you need, including local beauty stores, wholesalers and online retailers. Research different vendors and read reviews other salon owners have written before deciding. Suppliers with good customer service and warranties are ideal. Having trusted equipment and supplies in your salon will give world-class service to your clients and increase your business profits.