TikTok’s impact on the fashion industry

With TikTok gaining so much popularity and users, many brands and industries have a dedicated marketing strategy for the app. Although we’ve seen many trends that went viral thanks to TikTok, one industry is definitely changing because of it: the fashion industry.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how TikTok trends have impacted the fashion industry, especially the male fashion industry. Read along and get ready to know everything about fashion tok.

Popular videos

There’s no doubt that TikTok has created the space for pretty much any type of content. With niche sides of the app such as booktok and the cooking side, fashion has its own place. The most popular videos that inspire men to take a look at their style and get more into fashion are usually the “get ready with me” ones.

In these videos you see a man put on an outfit for a specific occasion, or a normal day out. Seeing their sense of style is very inspiring and sparks up a wish to look like them, or at least try to. This has worked well in the past years, as we can see that the TikTok style tips are being brought into the fashion world.

To find popular fashion posts for inspiration, you can search hashtags for content tailored for specific audiences. Once you click on a few posts, the algorithm does the rest.

male fashion influencer jpg
TikTok has over 1.677 billion users globally opening up a platform for all social media influencers, creators and fashion bloggers

Allowing men to be fashionable

Not only is TikTok the place that gives you the opportunity to create any content, but it also shows you how gender barriers and societal norms can be easily broken. Seeing fashion related videos from men is a great way to showcase that fashion is for everyone. The belief that women are into fashion and men are not is slowly getting rid of and making space for an inclusive and gender neutral fashion industry.

We can see this phenomenon in Gen Z celebrities as well, with Harry Styles breaking gender based fashion rules and rocking many feminine pieces. Knitwear, for example, is a great way to experiment these fashion rules because it is a versatile, gender neutral category of clothing that has also blown up on TikTok. Get your own knitwear at ShamrockGift and get ready to style it like a true fashion influencer.

Style advice

You know whenever you were little and you’d ask your siblings for advice on your outfits? Receiving validation on our fashion choices is a great feeling that most of us value. Well TikTok creates the space to validate pretty much any style choice and offers loads of style advice.

A simple search on the app for the outfit you wanna wear and you’re sure to find many videos about it. This encourages men to explore more when it comes to fashion and to figure out what they like best.

How has tiktok developed?

It launched in 2016 as Musical.ly, mostly for teens to dance to music as a lip-syncing app. It’s rise started in 2017, when the Chinese company ByteDance acquired and merged Musical.ly’s 80 million mostly US users with its own short-form video app called TikTok, creating a global platform.

TikTok saw explosive user growth, helped by the 2020 pandemic lockdowns. It became one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, attracting a diverse user base, including teenagers, young adults, and celebrities.

It still has it’s dance challenges, but is also used as a global platform for self-expression, with trends spreading fast. It’s become the social media channel of choice for many, with people flooding from X, formerly Twitter to share political views, as well as user-generated content creators. The same happening with YouTube vloggers, and Instagram influencers.

TikTok created new social media influencers, with many TikTok stars have successfully transitioned to mainstream media and collaborated with brands. This then inspires others to try for the same goal with creativity and innovation needed to stand out.

And where there is people, there is an opportunity to sell. Businesses and fashion brands flooded to advertise on TikTok and tap into the lucrative fashionistas digital audience. Fashion Designers created their own accounts to showcase new trends direct to consumers, bringing fashion shows online to boost engagement.