Winter Wardrobe Staples and Essential Items for Cold Weather

Winter is fast approaching and that means it’s time to unearth those winter wardrobe staples that make the colder months both fashionable and warm. Because of their versatility and insulation, it’s a good idea to invest in quality winter pieces that will protect you from the chill.

If you’re unsure about what winter wardrobe essentials you need, read on for some inspiration that will shape a capsule collection that you’ll wear year after year.

Woman holding knitted jumpers as her Winter Wardrobe Staples preparing for the cold weather
Air out the knitwear for stylish and warm layering with cashmere or wool

Elevated basics

Given that you are likely to be layering your clothes for extra warmth, now’s the time to really build up your basics collection. This includes anything from plain t-shirts to neutral base layers, easy-to-wear tailored trousers or jeans and jumpers that can be paired with just about anything.

Most people tend to gravitate towards darker colours at this time of year. although bear in mind the dark evenings will not make you as visible to car drivers. With a solid collection of basics, you can mix and match with ease, keeping your looks fresh throughout the season.

Knitted sweaters

Winter isn’t winter without the faithful companionship of a knitted sweater or turtleneck. This year, they’re bigger and better than ever with novelty sweaters making a major comeback. That means bold prints, bright colours and a whole load of personality that will upgrade this staple into a statement piece.

If you don’t want winter dressing to mute your style, novelty sweaters are a great way to brighten up any outfit.

Winter whites

Who says white is just for summer? 2023 is seeing a surge in winter whites with many consumers unwilling to succumb to the predictable blues and greys. By mixing cuts, styles and textures, they are a great way to elevate your look throughout winter. Whether it’s a white evening dress, chunky trainers or a plain tank top, white is a versatile colour that can be easily incorporated into any outfit for a summery throwback, and always pairs well with denim jeans.

oversized scarf
Scarves and thermal gloves can take the chill out of any cold day

Oversized scarf

A great way to add layers, texture and colour, there’s nothing like the comfort and consolation that an oversized scarf brings. And the bigger the better!

Be bold and choose a vibrantly coloured or patterned scarf. If the rest of your outfit is more subdued, throwing on a scarf can brighten the most subdued of looks. What’s more, you can style it however you wish. Wind it around your neck for extra warmth, tuck it under a coat or make it the centrepiece by carelessly throwing it over one shoulder.

Sturdy boots

Increased rain and snowfall demand hardy footwear. Stay safe and warm with a pair of fashionable chunky boots or beat the weather with some snuggly snow boots. When it comes to winter footwear, invest in quality materials and smart designs like Chelsea boots that will last you several years. They will undoubtedly become your best friend over the colder months.

Warm Outerwear

Outerwear is key, and if temperatures drops below 15 degrees you should really be wearing parkas, coats, or puffer jacket. You may be able to make do with a knitted cardigan or sweater dresses and tights, but anything under 5 degrees calls for a thick wool coat.

What to wear in cold temperature

Okay, so what your phone weather app says for temperature is relating to air temperature which is in the shade. So when the sun is shining, it may feel warmer. In reverse, when it’s windier or raining, it may feel colder.

So it goes without saying, If it’s raining you need a rain coat or umbrella. If there is snow on the ground, you will need boots with a good grip and warm clothes.

For clarity, I would say the difference between jacket and coat is length and weight. I define coats as longer than the waist and made from a heavy material. Whereas I consider jackets lighter and shorter.

And lets be honest, this is the UK we are talking about. I’ve seen people walking in hat and coat while people sunbath. This is a guide, not instructions.

Temperature What to wear
0-5 degrees Warm coat, scarf, gloves, appropriate footwear
5-10 degrees Coat
10-15 degrees Windbreaker, Anorak or Tracksuit Jacket
15-20 degrees Light jacket on standby


So there we go, that’s my guide to winter wardrobe staples and essentials.