Chinchilla and Fox Furs: The Next Fashion Trend

One of the most popular fur used by designers around the world is mink. Although these animals are raised in many different countries, for the fur industry, it is a known fact that the best quality has been produced in Denmark for quite a while now. But when the country faced a coronavirus crisis inside its mink farms, it created a void in the industry, which should be partly filled by chinchilla and fox furs, suddenly positioning themselves at the forefront of fashion.

Filling the Void

Industries always adapt quickly to any problems they may face. It is also true of fashion. That is what happened when the mink crisis occurred in Denmark. Many designers who had already planned to use mink in their creation turned around rapidly and went looking for other furs, namely chinchilla and fox. Although there are other countries raising minks for the fur industry, the high-end designers only use the best quality available on the market for their creations. Finland is also known to be a higher supplier of mink pellets, but the cost will raise now that the demand is so strong, as specialists envision a raise in the price of 30% to 50%.

That extra cost was not thought of, when creators drew their designs. Some of them cannot envision such a drastic change in the sale price and would much prefer to move on to another product. That is why it is probable that they will change to a chinchilla coat instead of a mink one. Those that decide to stay with their original idea, may buy their stock from countries with a lesser level of quality, such as Russia and China.

Chinchilla and Fox Furs: The Next Fashion Trend

Luxury Fashion

This is a beautiful opportunity for chinchilla and fox farms to get their product used at the top of the fashion industry: In luxury clothing. That is because they were the ones buying most of the mink and using them in their fashion designs. A group like LVMH, which includes such brand names as Dior and Fendi, represents a strong buying power in the fur industry. And they are not the only brand names in luxury to use fur in their clothes collections.

Now that they are looking at alternatives, the chinchilla and fox fur market will get its chance to show why they should also be part of the luxury industry, in the long term. Not that they weren’t already used by some, but this is definitely a way for them to fill a void and keep their place afterwards.