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Sik Silk is arguably the biggest name in the UK fast fashion urban streetwear scene. While Palace and Supreme pre-date the creation of Scarborough label, their true concept came from the skateboard world so can be ignored for the sake of this article. The closest comparison in the UK was Judas Sinned who started a niche range of t-shirts in 2010, and also discovered Stephen James. That is the closest comparison but they originated out of a Bristol shop so had fashion experience and footfall to help their profile.

Sik Silk were the first of the true “bedroom brands” who came from humble beginnings running operations from a home office. Their Youtube channel hides their early videography attempts which raises eyebrows for the wrong reasons.

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Who started Sik Silk?

You’ve heard the story multiple times, school friends, who worked normal jobs as a plumber, accountant and design engineer. They could not find what they wanted to wear, so designed it themselves, combining streetwear and luxury fashion, blah blah. It’s the bio of a multitude of copycat brands, who ripped off the backstory as well as the designs. But in this case it’s true, and if there was a Sik Silk wikipedia page it’s exactly what would be written.

It truly cannot be said by anyone else anyway as the path had already been blazed into retailers and the mainstream. The boyhood friends of Barry (Baz) Gill, David Thomson and Sam Kay did genuinely go to Graham School together and remain business partners, founders and owners to this day.

You have to doff their early edition hats in appreciation at what they achieved, as it proved a difficult act to follow. In fact they even tried again with Illusive London and found the road rocky rather than the highway to success. This shows how hard is it to start a clothing brand.

Siksilk’s breakthrough

Sik Silk First Baseball Jersey
Sik Silk First Baseball Jersey

There is no siksilk wiki page to tell their story, but luckily enough I interviewed them at the time.

The story is part fairy tale and the perfect storm, but also part entrepreneurial opportunity. Sik Silk’s breakthrough origins are actually ingrained in American Baseball culture after a stateside visit, and a self-confessed idea to bring it to the UK shores before anyone else. They sensed it’s potential popularity and took a gamble that paid off.

Their first-ever baseball jersey was a simple collarless pinstripe design with their famed siksilk logo on the chest. It quickly sold out in record numbers, creating a demand for the Sik Silk Brand

The Siksilk logo

Siksilk logo
sik silk logo

The original was much larger than the later years, designed to catch attention. And it worked, sort of. People did see it and did love the clothes, they just could not identify the brand from the emblem. 

The Sik Silk logo is an old-style monogram, in a custom font with letters. But the typography made it hard to identify. The meaning and the reason is it is hard to read, is the extra F in the SS. So it’s actually FSS which stands for Fairly Sik Silk. Fairly was the early collection, named after the area where they lived. The brand are misspelt often with variants including sicksilk (sick silk) and silksilk (silk silk). 


The Sik Silk Success Story

Gaz Beadle wearing Sik Silk
Gaz Beadle in Fairly Silk

Initial interest was slow, but in fashion hard graft pays off. They visited stores in the North-East and Newcastle’s Project 722 took a fancy to give them their big break. The store its self was not the reason, it actually went bust a few years later. But it happened to be owned by a certain Gary Beadle who had spent the last 2 years being a lad on MTV’s Geordie Shore.

A dedicated follower of fashion (who later part-owned 11 Degrees), loved it and wore it on TV. His celebrity friends were happy to do the same, and the brand benefited from social influencing before the expression had been coined. And before the agencies stepped in to hike the prices sky-high, people in the public eye would post for free, so the social reach was huge.

The snowball had started and they signed to a Southern agent in London’s UK68 Agency, who swiftly introduced them to Brighton-based Fashion Design Solutions to help with design and manufacturing. They then set up the deal with Footasylum which changed the fast fashion landscape forever.

ASOS soon followed, and a deal was struck in Las Vegas for Footlocker and international success followed. Sik Silk’s use of Social Media, Gaz’s Network of celebrity friends and Youth TV Programs naivety on product placement all helped the brand exposure. With collab deals with Barcelona’s Dani Alves, and Ronaldo and Messi wearing their clothes, the boys sure come a long way since that playground.

Is Sik Silk a good brand?

There are plenty of independent reviews that suggest that they are. For me, what makes a good brand is clothing quality & design, price and customer services (including delivery timeframes). Some things are within brand control, like where the clothes are made and how much is paid per unit. This is the biggest indicator of garment quality. Of course, businesses look at margins and the cheaper made the better the profits. Sik Silk had the advantage of being popular which drove sales in quantity, which enables mass production. As a bigger brand, I’m not aware they’ve sacrificed quality for profit.

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Is there a Sik Silk Black Friday Sale?

Yes, there is always a Sik Silk Black Friday Sale. It’s best advised to follow their social media for advance warning.

What is Sik Silk?
SIKSILK is a UK clothing brand combining sportswear and street wear, influencing modern urban wear culture.
Who owns Sik Silk?
The clothing brand was started in Scarborough, UK in 2013 by boyhood friends of Barry (Baz) Gill, David Thomson and Sam Kay.

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