Faded Clothing: How Chet Sket went from influencer to brand owner

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Who is Chet Sket?

Way before Faded Clothing launched and back in the Summer of 2016 Chet Johnson (Chet Sket) was arguably the biggest Social Influencer in the fast fashion niche. He went into the Celebrity Big Brother house with girlfriend Helen Briggs. The couple and have the 2016 series 4 of Ex on the Beach to thank for their rekindled relationship. And the TV program for Chet’s rise into being a power brand ambassador for Criminal Damage, BoohooMAN and Footasylum. The couple recently had their first child in late 2019,


chetPreviously the London-born, former groundsman, had gained a cult following on Instagram thanks to partying it up in the summer of 2014 in Ibiza. But it was a chance sighting by Fresh Ego Kid in Jan 2015 would change everything. Posting on his Instagram and tagging the brand, led to them inviting him to a shoot in April 2015. And luckily his professional shots showed what he was capable of.

That led to an increased profile to join shooting on an Ex on the Beach series that saw Scotty T, Lacey Fuller, Brandon Myers, Kieran Lee, Jordan Davies and Megan McKenna. After it was televised in early 2016, Chet’s profile skyrocketed, and as did his Instagram following to 300k. CBB took it over 500K and brands filled his DM’s with posting request.  

Chet is now famous for being a reality TV star and his brother is Casey Johnson from Stereo Kicks (X-Factor), but he should be known for his start-up of the Fade Store clothing brand.

chet Fresh ego kid shoot
Chet at Fresh ego kid shoot April 2015

Who owns Faded Clothing?

Like his fellow Ex on the Beach star Ross Warswick who started the Couture Club, Chet also had visions of going beyond the Instagram influencer role. In 2018 he joined forces with fashion sales agent John O’Donnell to set up the clothing brand Faded store. They are run out of the same warehouse as Good For Nothing up in Oldham, so it’s safe to assume there are other connections too. 

Another part-owner is Mert Telyas, likely the Maseksport factory in Turkey. They advertise that they are a Ready-made garment manufacturer. In short, they produce stock garments which are identical until labels and logos are added for brands. Seems you might literally be naming the name with Faded Clothing.

If that is the case then there could be cause for complaints. It’s interesting that there are very few brand reviews out there, with even their official Facebook page restricting customer reviews. 

But regardless the brand has seen success in recent years. Like Ross before him, Chet could also use his huge network of celebrity friends to promote the label. And using John’s retail connections a takeover meant success for the men’s streetwear brand was inevitable. particularly with his 2Squared/JD Sport/Footasylum connection.

I find it interesting that there is no ‘about us’ page on the site or no mention on his Wikipedia page. There is no brand story, which misses an easy attempt to cash in on Chet’s huge influencer range. And who can blame him if he did, he’s come a long way since that first Instagram post.

faded clothing store

Why are they called Faded?

We’ve reached out to the fashion brand to ask, but as of yet, they’ve not confirmed. First off, they are called Faded Store LTD, not Faded Clothing. Faded could be described as something once beautiful. Full of bold colour blocks, the designs are intended to get attention and are nothing like their moniker. We’ll hopefully have an update soon.

Is Faded a good brand?

There are not many reviews, but the few left are positive ones which is nice to see. Don’t be put off by the fact there is not 1000’s like other brands as they are legit so when praised as the best, it’s genuine. It’s actually quite normal unless there is a platform linked into the site to automatically send emails after purchase to prompt a review. As always, reviews on the great clothing quality should be a better indicator as within their control. 

Where can you buy Faded?

Currently, you can only buy Faded clothing on their retail website shop.

Is there a Faded Clothing Store Black Friday sale?

Undoubtedly there will be, most fashion brands often discount at this time due to popular demand. With anything from 30-70% off RRP I would expect. I’m sure their social media pages will have advance notice of the Faded Clothing sale.


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