What To Wear During An Italian Summer | Guide For Men

Last Updated on 26th April 2023

Summertime in Italy is heavenly; every August is a hotspot for tourism. If you’ve ever been, you’ll know that the best thing about an Mediterranean summer is being able to do everything like the locals. That includes drenching yourself in the maximalist Italian style as you walk around the top locations in Italy.

For the most part, Italian women and men have endless attire style options, from tailored edgy pieces to lose flirty fabrics. Here’s a guide on what to wear during an Italian summer for men.


Summer Shirts

Many people see the collared shirt as boring pieces you must wear under a jacket. To Italian men, shirts and t-shirts allow them to express themselves in many forms, exploring monochromatic colours. As you prepare for the Italian summer, pack a couple of your designer t-shirts to rediscover the meaning of simplicity under an unforgiving Mediterranean sun.

It’s crucial to choose high-quality cotton options to help you manage the heat. If you need to look your bougie best while keeping your cool, you can choose simple, high-end t-shirt brands like the R13 Fu Boy T-shirts or a Patou signature T-shirt.

The most sure-fire way to get the best deals on such pieces is to hop from one men’s designer sale to the other. At these sales, you will be able to find fashionable staples at a fraction of the designer costs for top Italian fashion brands. This gives you more staple pieces to wear in Italy.

What To Wear During An Italian Summer
Jackets are a must for the Lakes in Italy during the summer


Jacket on a sunny day? Convincing people to try jackets out in the steamy summer can be hard. But jackets are a mainstay of Italian fashion and culture, and if you’re to enjoy the summer like a true local, you might as well pack a few of them. Although you cannot wear shorts with one. Ever.

However, they don’t need to be heavy-stuffed. You can try a lightweight Maison Margiela denim jacket for a 90s beach style or go all colourful with one of Dolce and Gabbana’s floral print puff jackets. Matching linen blazer jackets with formal trousers can also bring your Italian casual fashion inspiration to life.



Opt for loose-fitting smart trousers to give you more room for comfort. For this reason, linen is the best material for your pants. They keep you cool when the sun is at its highest.

If you’re looking for trouser options to add some character, try white jeans. They give you a base for experimenting with other colours, just like a white canvas brings out a great painting. If you prefer wearing shorts rather than wear jeans, ensure these are smart tailored to still be stylish in an Italian way.

Another trouser option to try for a befitting Italian experience is double-pleated trousers. The extra folds of fabric can keep you cool in extra steamy situations. High-end streetwear brands like Off-white have a wide range of denim options. An alternative brand to consider for a formal summer look is Saint Laurent.

italian loafers
Loafers are key parts of the Italian dress code


What’s a summer feeling without a little convenience? You’ll have to rethink your slider and flip flop habits if you want to have a memorable experience. Italians invest in their summer shoes as much as other people invest in their winter boots. A stylish pair of tailored loafers will serve you better than flip-flops, which often get sticky after a few hours in the sun. Also comfortable shoes are a must if doing lots of sight-seeing on cobblestone streets.

So if you need to know what to wear in Italy in summer on your feet, then you can always count on seasoned Made in Italy shoe brands like Valentino Garravani for their leather luxury. They offer more comfort than a nice pair of Oxford shoes on any sunny summer day. Try soft sole sneaker options if you want a bougie urban look to match your Italian summer outfit inspiration.

All in all, Italy is one of the best summer spots in the world. Immersing yourself in Italian fashion and culture can be a great way to savour your dolce vita Italian experiences. These fits will get you feeling like a local, even if it’s your first time on an Italian summer vacation.


Luxury designer swimwear is essential on any trip to Italy. The country is surrounded by water on the 3 sides and includes famed coastline like the Amalfi coast and one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean sea in Sicily. Even inland away from the many coastal towns are such popular tourist hotspots like Lake Garda.

So quality swimwear for men is essential for your trip. Read our guide on mens swimwear to find the right pair for you.

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