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Fashion is a competitive industry, with choice at our fingertips. But how do retailers choose which brands to stock?

We contacted children’s fashion boutique BuBi Children to find out. Known for hand-picking only the best Italian brands to the delight of their Kensington and Chelsea visitors and international customer base.

“”Our clientele relies on us to stock only the best,” says founder Marco, “they want high-quality materials and elegant designs for their children and where possible sustainable fabrics. We regularly go to Milan to ensure the factories are producing that Made in Italy feel that cannot be replicated elsewhere.”

Bubi London

The Made in Italy Childrenswear is for both boys and girls, and high-quality is assured and made with sustainable refined fabrics like linen, organic bio cotton, wool, silk, cashmere,  and milk fibre.

Extensive efforts are made to ensure all their luxury clothing and accessories match comfort with beautiful design.

Who are BuBi London?

bubi london 200x300 1They were founded by Marco and Maria Visconti, who have vast experience in the luxury fashion brand business. Parents to son Victor, lovingly called BuBi, they have a mission to ensure he has only the best natural materials and style which are synonymous with Italian kids brands.

Bubi London is their showcase for their favourite brands for other like-minded parents in London and beyond. Ensuring only the best fabrics with the Italian superior sense of style.

With high-quality clothing must come a premium shopping experience. Bubi London goes to get lengths to ensure they deliver excellent personal service. No presentation is spared for all orders at any step of the process and they offer free worldwide delivery.

Only the best Italian brands

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BuBi London insists every brand they stock is both unique and has long-standing family values and style. There are enough variety and distinction between the labels, but they are all intrinsically linked with the quality renowned with the Italian way of life.

Each clothing brand has been hand-picked to ensure they can give the perfect option for every occasion. The collections range from newborn to toddlers and children. So if you want that baby onesie or smart casual and formalwear for kids, this is the place.

BuBi currently stock five brands; il Trenino, J.O Milano, La Perla, Mimu, and Story Lois. These chic labels carry minimal branding, but the style is unmistakable.

Il Trenino

Established in 1968, Il Trenino is renowned for producing garments with attention to detail, new styles, and later the Il Trenino brand dedicated to children’s fashion accessories and baby shoes, hats, scarves, and gloves.

Using their years of design experience, they put their special attention to details to their brand Il Trenino. Using only premium and natural materials like wool, cashmere, and cotton, to ensure the maximum comfort for babies and children.

Authenticity is assured with factories in Italy producing their range and rigorous quality control.

J.O. Milano

The protagonists of J.O. Milano collections are the colours, the palette with which children play and draw a delicate and magical inner world. The company believes in tradition, intended as a commitment to maintain and pass on with originality and naturalness as consolidated over time.

Sophisticated and elegant style, but at the same time designed for a daily look, softness of the fabrics and comfort of the shapes give the garments excellent versatility and wearability.

Since 1979 J.O. Milano dresses children using fine fabrics, carefully selected among the best Italian producers, and dedicating the Made in Italy tailoring care to every stage of the manufacturing process.

La Perla

La Perla Kids is an extension of the luxurious underwear brand with the same level of attention to detail and fit.

internationally renowned for luxurious underwear and lounge wear, La Perla Kids faithfully reproduces for a child the same contents in terms of precious materials, attention to fitting and craftsmanship of the lines intended to women and men.

The collection includes the proposals of underwear and nightwear from newborn. For children, La Perla Kids chooses a simple style and focuses on careful research of fabrics and details in complete harmony with the world of the adult.


Founded in 2018, the Italian brand only uses natural fibres cotton, linen, bamboo, and milk fibre.

MiMù was founded in 2018 and is the union of two surnames initials, Michieli and Murer, surnames of mum and sons, establishing a new bond that goes beyond the family relationship. Committed to promoting children well- being, MiMù collections offer comfortable clothing with sophisticated elegance.

The Brand works only with natural fibres such as cotton, linen, bamboo, milk fibre, that guarantee maximum breathability for the skin and have antibacterial and thermoregulating features. Meanwhile, all industrial processes involved in manufacturing exclude any treatment that could alter the properties of the fabrics.

Story Loris

In 1949, Loris Stori created his company, aiming to a specific goal from the very beginning: quality.

The respect of “Quality without compromise” is an imperative that still accompanies every moment of the hosiery factory, which over the years has maintained delicate craft passages together with innovation, investing in technology and diversifying the offer side by side with famous designers.

Today Story Loris can count on qualified suppliers that provide the best in cotton, silk, cashmere and merino wool, providing a “Made in Italy” path from the yarn.
All stages of production involving the socks are still implemented internally in Desenzano del Garda, where starting from a craft perspective the latest generation of knitting machines were gradually inserted.

BuBi London can be found on bubilondon.com and on Instagram as bubilondonbaby.


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