What Role Does Education Play in Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry?

The dynamism of fashion is something students have to deal with daily. They have to decide what to dress, makeup to use, type of body piercing to make, or accessories to use. Trending fashions away from college can always be reflected in the college, but most students continue with their style of dressing after graduation.

They influence the kind of clothing designers make, accessories to design, or make-up to manufacture. This shows the value education has in influencing the fashion industry.

Teaching fashion education

In a time when the top fashion colleges were not yet established, a single fashion could trend for many years. When more schools of fashion opened doors to teach students on the subject, the growth of fashion went up many times more.

Instructors teach students about a certain fashion, but they want them to be creative and create a new fashion while still in college. This is usually part of the assessment done by fashion teachers and this creativity carries a high number of marks.

After college, the students continue with the same creativity and discover newer fashions that continue influencing societies. In a big way, fashion schools influence the fashion industry.

The current generation and fashion

Compared to the older generation, the current generation is more populous. It is a fashion-driven generation of teenagers and young adults in their early twenties. This is the generation that is almost entirely schooling as they prepare for their future lives.

To generation Z, fashion is the driving force for everything they do, including education, because they want to fit within their unique social context. They constantly check out the latest styles in the market and visit stores to check what is trending.

The entertainment media is central to influencing fashion. They are in school and have access to the latest fashion gossip and knowledge on what should be in the market because they are learning it in the classroom. This is the generation that is revolutionizing the fashion industry in the biggest way.

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Education and the society

In most cases, education has a direct reflection on society in terms of relationships, work, entertainment, upbringing, etc. A largely literate society has a way of life that is different from another less literate society. The educated society feels a sense of freedom to a certain perspective, including the freedom to their dressing style.

The more educated a society is, the more receptive they are to fast-changing fashion trends. This is a trend that can easily be observed across the world in nations that have achieved higher literacy levels against those with low literacy levels.

Career and fashion

Today, both the man and the woman are career individuals with a strong appetite for fashion. They spend many years pursuing education at various levels to excel in the career field. Fashion in the career world has a great influence on the value customers place on a worker.

For example, a marketer who goes to approach a client will first be judged by the client on their dressing style. That means fashion will be significant in successful sales deals and profitability of businesses. The fashion industry must continually keep inventing new fashions that help keep the career woman or man fashionable.

Each career field has its unique fashion style. The entertainment industry has its unique fashion, as is the health or hospitality field. These are fields that require educated workers and it plays an important role in shaping the fashion trends in each sector.


Education plays an important role in shaping societies in many ways. It shapes innovation, information, economic growth, and fashion. Fashion school students are taught about the history of fashion, current, and future which opens their minds to unlimited creativity. Educated people join the career field where fashion matters a lot. Generation Z is in various learning institutions and to them, fashion is everything.