Rose London

You’ve seen Rose London worn before but may not have noticed it; the thing we love most about this brand is the subtlety they carry. The collection is huge, but minimal advertising is the name of the game. The brands signature logo is a discrete Rose,  and although some of the tapering pieces bare the brands name, most have only an understated label at the rear accompanying the handcrafted crafted logo.

This is an intentional theme from the four mates who started Rose London Clothing. They wanted to create a brand that they were proud to wear, and they’ve pulled that off with aplomb.

Rose London Logo Every garment is made from high-quality material, and is not only easily combinable but can be worn on any occasion. It epitomises the idea of a wardrobe that is easily combinable and is stylish enough to be worn in the day or evening. You could rock up to the beach, pub or restaurant and not look out of place. A lot of brands try this, but this is the first time we’ve seen it accomplished on every item. With the help of top fashion Designers they have really turned out an SS16 and AW16 Collection of the highest quality.

Summer Wear

Often in fashion simplicity is mistaken for boring and for not standing out from the legion of brands available. We completely disagree and would describe the brand as beautifully understated, with some lovely pastel colours. We love the style and design of the T-Shirts, with the marble effect tee a standout piece of the collection. The Titus tee comes in a variety of colours, including White, Black, Sage, Camel and Pink. Their Castello jacket has a lovely old school retro quality about it, and the matching black Jogger sets are intentionally designed to be completely interchangeable with every colour tee in the range. Every item has been meticulously covered until every detail has been perfected. This Brand truly want nothing but quality and the results show.

There is a huge range of polo’s, patterned vests and shorts to choose from too, again with the shorts to compliment all tee’s and vests. Our favourite is the Huxley with palm tree design just invokes the memory of sitting on the promenade of Ibiza Old Town, the smell of coffee and cigarettes filling our noses as we caught up with the boys behind Rose London.

They told us of their pride at the collection and it’s growing success as some of the biggest urbanwear retailers like Thomas Gun have picked up their collection for their website and stores. Unwittingly proving the designed clothes they would wear, they were genuinely all wearing their favourites of the collection, and you could see them beaming at every compliment they picked up from passerby’s. And for good reason, these are lovely looking garms which genuinely are eye-catching. With the passion these lads have, it’s hard not to predict big things for Rose London as they combine style and quality. Exactly how it should be.

Rose London Tees

Autumn Wear

To help prepare for the impending cold weather, check out their range of sweatshirts and hoodies which again are understated but carry a certain level of class. We’re back fan of the signature grey marl jumper with the huge Rose logo, which looks just class with black jeans.

Rose London Jumper

On the streets

Of course no brand can escape the attentions of the well-dressed young man about town. Gym King model Alex ‘Ab’ Bowen is no different and was captured wearing Rose London’s lovely drop-shoulder tee as he left Love Island recently.

Rose London


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Chloé Safilo
Chloé is our resident Fast Fashion Expert for the UK Urban and Streetwear scene. Her eyes have been constantly glued to social media for the last five years giving her an insight that is unrivalled. In her spare time she likes shopping and lying in the sunshine. Each year makes a pilgrimage to Ibiza. Chloe lives in London where she has recently completed her journalism degree at the University of Roehampton. She lives in Putney with her boyfriend Christian, and their French Bulldog Coco.