A Brief Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

There’s a lot more to engagement rings than they appear. At first sight, most will likely notice the stone before all other elements, and for a good reason — it’s the piece of jewellery’s focal point. However, its setting is arguably as important. After all, it serves the purpose of securing the ring in place and impacts its aesthetic appeal. They’re tailored to individual needs too. Much like how there are various types of engagement rings, so too are there many setting styles to personalize the piece.

Engagement ring setting — what is it?

The setting is a critical component of any engagement ring, similar to the metal type and diamond shape. As its name suggests, it refers to how the chosen stone remains secure on the metal band. It’s important to both the function and form of the ring; beyond holding and protecting the stone, it also has an effect on its feel and looks. In other words, while all rings will have a setting, every style will be unique and impact the way that it appears.

engagement ring settings

How to choose the right setting

Choosing the ideal setting will depend on certain factors, such as your style and chosen centre stone. While it’s fairly common for traditional diamond ring settings to have four prongs for keeping the stone secure in its place, you can always consider the addition of more, especially for larger diamonds. A halo, bezel, and other alternative settings can also improve the stone’s security and add to the ring’s overall appeal.

Another factor that many overlook when choosing ring settings is your partner’s daily habits. For example, if they frequently work with their hands or lead a more active lifestyle, selecting a higher setting could make the stone more susceptible to chips. It may even lead to the stone falling out. In these cases, it’s a better approach to pick lower settings. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to decide by yourself. With the assistance of experienced jewellers or gemmologists, you can find the perfect one.

Settings to make the stone appear bigger

For those who are looking to go bold and big, specific settings for engagement rings can make the stone appear much bigger than its actual size. Increasing the carat size can be an expensive affair, after all. And a strategic setting can help even the smallest diamond stand out. So if you want to amplify your centre stone, try to consider a halo setting with smaller stones. Doing so will focus on the diamond, which should look more prominent as a result.

Alternatively, cluster settings with multiple stones on the sides will make the ring look like it’s taking more real estate on the finger. Thus, it’ll give the stone the illusion of size.

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The stone usually gets the most attention when it comes to engagement rings. However, you mustn’t forget about the setting too. When you get right down to it, the setting impacts the ring in more ways than one. And the right one will surely make a difference to the jewellery piece.