How do fashion models stay in shape?

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you will most likely watch fashion shows and envy the models because they look like demigods of Greek and Roman mythology with flawless bodies and glowing skin.

The faces of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid adorn magazine covers, and the gigantic billboards spread around towns remind us constantly that some people out there have perfect bodies. According to some, supermodels are the ones who best represent the human race in terms of aesthetics. 

But do all these models owe their flawless bodies and faces to genetics? Are the pictures and videos the result of Photoshop? Their appearance is often the courtesy of a balanced diet and well-crafted workout program that allows them to stay fit and fab and make everyone admire them. Also, even if the perception is that models are skinny, most of them are of normal weight, but their job is to look good year-round, so they take their wellbeing and health very seriously. 

Read on to discover how models stay in shape and what you can do to achieve a similar appearance. 

fashion models stay in shape with a healthy lifestyle
Fashion models stay in shape with a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a balanced diet

Healthy lifestyle

Bodies change throughout life; it’s something natural and normal. And if you compare a model’s pictures throughout the years, you’ll unmistakably notice that their bodies changed and morphed several times. Women, in particular, are the victims of weight fluctuations due to water retention and hormones, and not even models are excepted. However, for a model to fluctuate from one size to another over a short period would be disastrous, so they’re extra cautious with their lifestyle to keep their bodies in check as much as possible. 

Some models go out of their way to keep their bodies healthy and trim for as long as possible. They adhere to nutritional programmes specially designed for their needs, strict exercise routines, and engage in therapies and activities that enable them to stay healthy and fit. Their job isn’t about getting bikini ready for the summer, but they need to look great year-round if they want to get contracts.

However, this doesn’t mean they over exercise because training in the gym can build muscles, which some models do not wish. They usually engage in cardio workouts that keep their muscular tone even and burn calories. And some of them use the workout between the sheets to work up a good sweat. Sex is more than a pleasurable experience; it also has health benefits compared to cardio because the body works at an elevated rate. To keep things exciting and prolong the sex time, models may use flavoured condoms because they spark things up in the bedroom and keep their partners engaged for longer. 

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Exercise regularly

If you ask a model how active they are, they’ll most likely tell you they walk over 10,000 daily. All models are active, but not all engage in the same type of exercise. Finding something you enjoy is the key to not seeing exercising as an overwhelming task. Most supermodels have experimented with various exercise forms over the years and picked the one they enjoy that offers the best results. Some engage in resistance training, others like jogging, and some even practice barre (a form of exercise inspired by ballet). 

The average model works out five times a week, but you don’t walk on the runway, so three times a week would be more than enough to tone up your body and get fit. It’s recommended to work with a personal trainer to evaluate your needs and lifestyle and create a program that fits your activity levels and free time. Remember, each individual is different, and you shouldn’t compare your routine or results with someone else. If you compare two Victoria’s Secret models, you’ll notice they have different body types, and each of them is beautiful in her own way. 

The secret to staying fit year-round is engaging in weight and cardio training. Cardio helps you burn more calories, and weight training enables you to shred your muscles and achieve a toned and athletic physique. Don’t be afraid to lift weights because they won’t get you bulky unless you want it. 

Pilates and yoga are models’ favourite exercises because they keep the limbs supple and tone the body without straining the joints or building muscles. You could join a yoga or Pilates class and start your fitness journey there. 

balanced diet

Balanced diet

Diet is vital for models – they don’t have the luxury of eating everything they want, whenever they want. Maintaining their physique is challenging if they don’t pay close attention to their body fat percentage. Most models are very lean, meaning they eat incredibly clean. However, they see dieting as part of a healthy lifestyle and don’t find it difficult to restrain from eating junk foods and sweets. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t treat themselves from time to time. But they usually pick the low-calorie alternative of their favourite cheat meal and limit the amount they eat. 

Snacking is common amongst them because small amounts of healthy and nutritious foods help them stay satiated throughout the day. You’ll most likely see them eating carrots or cucumbers with hummus, protein bars, and other low-calorie foods. Even if nutritionists recommend that the average individual eat three large meals and two snacks throughout the day, models prefer to snack every two or three hours not to fill their bellies and look bloated. 

According to each model’s lifestyle, some can eat more than others. However, they all plan their macronutrients with their nutritionists because they must ensure they consume the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat. Regardless of their body types, they all need a healthy amount of macronutrients to keep them fuelled and give them the necessary energy to do their exhausting jobs. 

Models also have restrictions, so they don’t usually drink alcohol, eat sugar, or consume dairy because it can affect their bodies. 

What does a model lifestyle tell us?

The key to staying in shape is building healthy and consistent habits. Eating only salads or working out once in a blue mood won’t get you the desired results.