The Best Handbag Trends 2023: Styles and Shapes in for Spring

Last Updated on 6th January 2024

Handbags are not just functional items for carrying essentials, but also fashion statements that complete an outfit and reflect the wearer’s personality. As fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what the best handbag trends of 2023 will be, we give our bold predictions for that next new bag choice for spring and summer.

The hand bag industry has always been innovative and constantly evolving, with designers pushing boundaries and experimenting with new materials, shapes, and designs.

This article explores what the current designer handbag trends 2023 has on offer and provides tips on how to choose the right bag for your style and lifestyle needs. We’ll look at trending materials, designs and shapes as well as some key accessories which can transform your bag from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lacylou London Personalised Handbag
Lacylou London are known as the Pandora of handbags – Personalised Handbags with charms

Personalised Handbags

We are obsessed with our find on TikTok, Lacylou London have launched a brilliant idea in the ‘Pandora of Handbags’ style of personalisation, which gives you a blank canvas to make your own meaningful and conscious fashion choices with a single bag. With a tagline of ‘Luxury, made personal’, it really is a case of your bag, your choice. And these personalised handbags with charms are stunning as well as creative.

Our style is a part of us. It’s who we turn up as, who we present as and it is who we are. It’s an individual expression for an individual confidence. Lacylou London helps you create your personalised style where the bag matches you, not just your outfit.

It’s really going to be the quiet luxury handbag trend of 2023 and needs to be seen to fully understand the appeal.

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Who are Lacylou London?

Lacylou London make luxury and customisable handbags with charms, founded on the belief that every woman deserves a handbag that is unique to her style and personality. With Lacy Lou, you can create your dream handbag by selecting from a range of charms, accessories and straps to personalise your high-quality leather handbag.

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Vegan, Natural & Sustainable Handbags

In recent years (and prominent in the summer bag trends as ideal for beaches), the fashion industry has come under fire for its lack of ethical and eco-friendly practices. As such, there is an increased demand for items that are not only fashionable but also made in a more responsible manner. This includes production processes that do not involve animal products or hazardous chemicals, as well as using renewable resources whenever possible.

Many brands have started offering repair services and recycling programs for their products so they can be reused rather than thrown away. The use of sustainable materials extends beyond just the fabrics used to make the bags. Many companies now incorporate recycled metals into their designs, allowing them to reduce their environmental footprint even further by reusing existing resources instead of relying on newer ones.

With upcycled options to help preserve resources it also creates unique pieces with distinctive patterns and textures from what would otherwise be discarded scraps. These details add interest to an accessory while still staying true to ecological values.

Handbags made with natural materials will continue to be popular handbag trend in 2023 and beyond as more people become aware of the detrimental effects of synthetic materials on the environment. Natural materials such as cotton, hemp, and jute are not only more eco-friendly, but they also provide handbags with a unique and stylish look.

In addition to their eco-friendliness, natural materials are also durable and long-lasting. For example, cotton bags are often reinforced with wax or plastic to increase their water-resistance and longevity. As the popularity of eco-friendly fashion continues to grow, handbags made with natural materials will remain at the forefront of fashion trends in 2023 and beyond.

woman with handbag from natural materials
Natural Handbags are made from sustainable materials

Structured Handbags

The appeal of structured handbags lies primarily in its sleek design that is timeless and versatile. What sets them apart from other styles is how well it complements most ensembles without being too bulky or ostentatious. In addition, many structured bags feature adjustable straps so you can customize your look further.

Structured handbags offer an effortless way to add a touch of sophistication to almost any outfit while still allowing users to express personal style preferences through colour and material choices. With more people looking for sustainable options, designers have been creating eco-friendly versions made with vegan leathers, cork fabric, organic cotton canvas and recycled materials such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. As demand grows within this sector, expect even more stylish yet environmentally conscious structured handbag designs this year.

metallic bags are one of the top handbag trends for 2023
Gold hardware metallic bags are in for 2023 and the seasons ahead

Shiny Metallic Handbags

Comparable to striking silver sequins on a gown, these metallic bags exude an alluring glimmer that catches the eye of anyone who passes by. These modern pieces of arm candy come in various sizes and shapes to suit any occasion. Whether it’s a structured clutch or oversized shoulder bag, there is undoubtedly a magnetic appeal.

Asymmetric patterns with mixed metal tones such as rose gold and bronze create interesting visual textures that add dimension to your look. The combination of metals can give off retro vibes while still looking contemporary at the same time.

The luxurious shimmer created by these bags adds instant glamour to any outfit. With their reflective properties, they will make you shine brighter than ever before no matter where you go.

Metallic handbags bring with them an edgy feel that makes them versatile enough to take from day-to-night without missing a beat. They also pair well with just about anything making them perfect for those days when deciding what accessories would complete your look is an arduous task!

Top Handle Handbags

The traditional bag shape has been given much more attention in recent years, with a demand for quality craftsmanship and originality driving its popularity as an everyday staple item.

This style of handbag can come in all shapes and sizes, from petite evening bags through to large tote bags which can serve as both stylish travel companions or practical weekend carriers. Regardless of size, the defining feature remains: two straps at either side connected by a single top handle.

This trend looks set to stay around for some time yet – it is versatile enough for any occasion or outfit pairing but also still elegant enough for formal events. It offers timeless sophistication without being overly flashy or ostentatious- perfect for those who favour classic pieces over statement items.

With many options for a top handle bag available on the market today, from designer brands, affordable luxury labels, through to high street collections, there will surely be something suitable within reach of every budget.

top handle bags
Top handle bags remain a key style trend for 2023

Touchable Handbags

Touchable handbags offer a softness unlike any other bag on the market today; they feature lush fabrics such as velvet and suede, giving them an added luxury factor compared to traditional leather bags.

They also offer more customization options than their predecessor, allowing customers to choose from different colours or textures when selecting their perfect accessory piece. Additionally, these sleek handbags can be styled differently due to adjustable straps and removable detachable pieces like pouches or cross-body straps for extra convenience.

The touchable handbag aesthetic allows consumers to express themselves through unique looks while staying fashionable at the same time. Not only do these bags provide comfort but they are also extremely durable meaning they won’t need replacing anytime soon!

Consumers can take advantage of this fact by investing in one statement piece rather than purchasing several lower quality items over time.

Extra Large Handbags

The trend towards oversized bags is also being driven by fashion designers’ creative use of materials such as leather, jute, canvas, and linen which makes these items both lightweight yet durable.

Brands like Louis Vuitton offer bold colours and fun patterns can be used to liven up an outfit while still retaining a classic look. For example, one designer recently released a line of bright floral-printed totes featuring adjustable straps with intricate embroidery details on them.

An extra-large shoulder bag like the XL tote offer numerous advantages over smaller mini bags style including increased storage space and greater versatility when it comes to pairing with different outfits or occasions.

Additionally, they have become an essential accessory for travellers who need additional room for all their essentials during long journeys or business trips abroad. With its combination of style and function, this new breed of bag looks set to remain at the forefront of the handbag market into the future.

Oversized is one of the hottest handbag trends of 2023
Oversized handbags will continue to be a trendsetter in spring 2023

Buckle Handbags

Buckle handbags are increasingly seen as a stylish and practical accessory. Their design stands out from other bags, with bold shapes and eye-catching hardware. They come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for everyday use or special occasions.

The versatility of these bags makes them ideal for pairing with different types of clothing styles. The material used can range from leathers to synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon.

Many brands feature unique designs that showcase their creativity while still keeping it classic and timeless. Additionally, they often contain pockets and compartments allowing you to keep your items organized and secure throughout the day. The best handbags cater for functionality as well as style.

Buckle handbags offer an attractive option for those looking to add a touch of modern style to their wardrobe. With its blend of both function and form, this type of bag has become popular among women who want something fashionable yet practical for carrying all their belongings around town.

Crescent Moon-Shaped Handbags

The crescent moon-shaped bag offers a unique silhouette that can provide structure and definition to any outfit. It has also become a symbol of modernity and femininity due its curvy lines, which are both eye-catching when paired with different materials such as leather or canvas.

The bags come in various colours and sizes, allowing people to choose one that suits them best. Furthermore, they often have multiple compartments, making them practical and functional while still being stylish.

This style of handbag is sure to make a statement this year, as more people opt for bolder styles over traditional ones. Its versatility makes it suitable for all occasions – from formal events to everyday use – giving wearers an opportunity to express themselves through fashion without compromising on comfort or convenience.

What’s more, even though these bags may appear delicate at first glance, they are highly durable and long lasting so you don’t need to worry about having to replace them anytime soon so make the ideal choice from the 2023 bag trends.

So there you have it, our picks of the hottest and best handbag trends 2023. What’s your favourite?

What is a tote bag

A tote bag is a large, often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. It is typically made of cloth, leather, or other durable materials, and is used for carrying books, groceries, clothing, and other items

What are the popular handbag styles?

  1. Tote: a large, open-top bag, usually with two handles and a flat bottom, used for carrying books or shopping.
  2. Satchel: a bag with a flat bottom and two parallel straps or handles, satchels are used for carrying documents or personal items.
  3. Crossbody: a bag that hangs over the shoulder, with an adjustable strap for easy carrying diagonally across the body.
  4. Shoulder Bags: designed to fit comfortably over the shoulder to be carried
  5. Clutch: a small, handheld bag with a clasp or zipper closure.
  6. Backpack: a bag with two straps, worn on the back and used for carrying items hands-free.
  7. Hobo: a crescent-shaped bag with a slouchy silhouette, typically with a top zipper closure.
  8. Bucket: a rounded bag with a drawstring closure, often worn over the shoulder.
  9. Messenger: a bag with a long strap, worn across the body, and often used as a laptop bag or man bag.
  10. Wristlet: a small bag with a long strap that wraps around the wrist, often used as a wallet or purse.
  11. Drawstring: a small bag with two cords that can be pulled to close the top, often used for carrying small items.
  12. Envelope: a handbag with a flat bottom and a fold-over top, often with a snap closure.
  13. Minaudiere: a small, ornamental evening bag, usually with a hard shell, used for carrying small items.
  14. Structured: a handbag with a rigid frame and a structured shape, often designed with a top handle and a clasp closure.
  15. Manbag: Designed specifically for men, usually larger than a purse and often has a more masculine look, such as a messenger bag or briefcase.
  16. European Carry-All: Designed to be carried by hand with comfortable straps for easy carrying, typically used for everyday activities such as shopping, commuting, and sightseeing. Made of durable materials such as leather, canvas, or nylon and often feature multiple pockets and compartments for organization.