How To Accessorise Any Outfit In Your Wardrobe

Accessorising, when done correctly, can look stylish, effortless and enhance any outfit in your wardrobe. Looking more put together will help to create favourable first impressions. It will also help you feel more confident as a visual representation of your personality in your outfit will be displayed. Here are some tips to help you use accessories to your advantage.

Consider The Occasion

Woman in red ball gown who has accessorised
Accessorise depending on the occasion

Whilst the way you dress is entirely up to you, some accessories are inappropriate for specific events. For example, a gorgeous, blingy necklace may be a bit over the top for a casual coffee date with a friend, but if you were to attend a ball, then you would look perfect.

Any event with a smart casual dress code is enough to stress even the most stylish person. Depending on the season, a summer dress and sandals will be perfect. Consider adding a necklace, a scarf or a complementary bag to go with it. The sandals will act as an accessory as well as a functioning shoe.

Add Function

Accessorise using contact instead of spectacles
Accessorise using contact instead of spectacles

As much as adding accessories to an outfit is to look better, they can also have a function to your look.

If you have a big dress that still looks great, adding a belt can help bring in your waist and transform the dress. Similarly, if you wear glasses, you could change them up depending on the occasion.

Attending a more formal event can mean dressing up and wearing colours or styles that are different from your daily look. If your glasses don’t quite fit with your dress, you may consider using contact lenses instead. Opting for contact lenses instead of glasses can also be a practical choice if you are wearing false eyelashes, as the lashes may brush your glasses and be a distraction for you.

Layer It

Bracelets used to accessorise
Using layers is a great way to accessorise

When it comes to layering accessories, this primarily relates to jewellery such as rings, bracelets or necklaces. The way you choose to layer these accessories can really show off your personality.

If you want to layer necklaces, stick to minimal and dainty pieces. Ensuring that each chain is slightly different, you can elongate your neck and décolletage, making you seem taller.

Wearing ring stacks can also have the same effect by lengthening your fingers. Whilst the rings can be different, choosing a common theme or motif can help to create a harmonious yet striking look. You can match the band styles or a vintage style. Mixing metals can look great, but try to pick a core colour, such as white gold and add a couple of yellow gold rings. 


Woman wearing different colours of clothes and sunglasses
Colours can be used as an accessory too

Matching colours is an easy way to create a put-together look. If you are feeling daring, though, there are ways to add different coloured accessories without them looking out of place.

Think about the fabrics you are wearing. For example, if your outfit leans towards rougher fabrics such as denim, adding a complementary silk belt or scrunchie can help to add a softer edge to your look. Using the colour wheel can help you visualise which colours go well together and which can clash.