How to make a bathtub feel luxurious?

The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house. Here a person spends a significant part of the time, so it is necessary to pay attention to the proper equipment. A quality rectangular freestanding bath will be an excellent solution for most buyers. It has an optimal volume and also allows you to make the space more attractive and sophisticated.

To get even more pleasure while bathing, you should try to make the bathtub luxurious. To do this, various techniques allow you to reduce the cost of such work, getting an impeccable result. One of the popular solutions is the use of spa technologies at home. They allow not only to make plumbing even more solid but also to provide complete relaxation while swimming. An equally important point is that embodied spa bathroom ideas have a positive effect on the health of family members.

bathroom with natural wood and plants jpg
Plants can turn any bathroom into an oasis

Use natural decor indoors

Eco-style remains one of the most popular trends today. Therefore, it is not surprising that many designers suggest using it even in such a functional space as the bathroom. Implementing the idea is quite simple. To do this, you just need to use plants that can be placed directly on the floor, windowsill, in a niche, or installed directly on plumbing. Potted plants can be mounted directly on the ceiling.

Eco-style goes well with the features of the bathroom, as the plants do not suffer from a humid environment, and the bright light in the room will be an additional plus. If caring for live plants looks like a daunting task, you can always place a vase of wildflowers on the countertop by the sink or decorate the walls with artificial plants.

Spa bathroom: How to make the space more comfortable?

Spa inspired spa bathroom ideas will surprise even the most demanding. Implementing such a project will be quite simple. You just need to use the appropriate equipment that will allow you to get true comfort when swimming. It is recommended to supplement the space with the following elements:

  • musical equipment;
  • scented candles;
  • soft towels.

These relaxing bathroom ideas will allow you to achieve maximum comfort at a relatively low cost. Music has a positive effect on the human psyche, so its use while bathing clearly should not be abandoned. Pleasant aromas will allow you to forget about problems at work. Candles can be chosen with any smell, taking into account personal preferences.

It is generally accepted that soft towels are the main element that allows you to create the right atmosphere. It is best to use highly absorbent towels. The ideal solution would be cotton or bamboo products, which also do not lose their original appearance after numerous washing cycles. To make using a towel even more enjoyable, you should find some free space for a heated towel rail.

messy bathroom jpg
Even the most luxurious bathroom can look messy with clutter

Keep the room tidy

The bathroom is used for a variety of purposes. Therefore, over time, a huge number of cosmetics, hygiene products, dirty clothes, and various appliances accumulate in the room. If the drawers have turned into a dump, and the shelves and countertops are cluttered, then this is not conducive to relaxation. Optimize the space with a few simple steps:

  • get rid of anything that’s expiration date has expired;
  • identify a place for each type of item, from towels to skincare products;
  • use boxes and racks with closed niches.

If the item is not used at least once a week, then it can be safely removed from the room, where space is already very limited.

Use quality shower equipment

Luxury bathroom ideas include replacing existing shower heads with more modern options. This action is quite easy to perform since you can install a new atomizer yourself, and its price remains low. Almost any oval baths can be used to transform it into a functional shower. This will make the space of a small room more ergonomic.

In the process of choosing a nozzle, you need to pay attention to the availability of options that are important for a particular buyer. For example, a model may have a massage mode, as well as provide a rain shower with its stronger liquid spray. If sufficient budget is available, a broader range of appliances, including faucets, may be upgraded.

neutral colours are more relaxing jpg

Work on the colour palette of the room

Proper styling a bathroom always brings the best results. Colour can have a positive effect on the human psyche, being properly selected for a particular room. Decorating the bathroom with a warm palette or using muted tones can make the space more peaceful.

When decorating a room, it is not recommended to use high-contrast combinations. If the room uses blue and orange or yellow and purple at the same time, then the energy in the room will be more dynamic. It will be difficult to relax in such a bathroom. Neutral tones, which are found in nature, allow you to make the room more luxurious. They also complement perfectly with the help of plants. Similar techniques can be seen in trendy spas.

Update your toiletries

The spa is characterized by the presence of a huge number of different products for skin or hair care. They are characterized by stylish packaging and sophisticated shapes, which makes their use in the interior even more justified. It is recommended to choose not a set, but specific toiletries that will be in demand (shampoos, gels, conditioners, and other products).

Use enough shelves and cabinets

There should not be a shortage of space in the room to store a variety of things. In addition to the usual hanging shelves, you should also install cabinets that can be supplemented with baskets. Hooks can be installed on doors or walls, which will also allow you to place more items. Optimizing storage will allow you to supply the room with a large number of items without cluttering up the space.

Add soft rugs to the room

It is always comfortable to walk on a soft surface, and not to feel cold laminate or tile with your feet. Therefore, laying rugs in the bathroom will be another step towards making the space more comfortable and luxurious. A variety of materials are used today for the production of such coatings. When buying, you need to pay attention to how the rug is suitable for the room. It should not accumulate dust during operation. The material must be resistant to dirt, moisture, and mould.

Fill the space with light

Even if the room is relatively small, you can use a few simple tricks to visually expand it. To do this, you need to work with light. The room should have several bright lights that will not allow any corner to remain unlit. You also need to place mirrors or panels with a reflective surface on the walls. You can pay attention to the chrome lamps.

A polished tile will provide a good result. All of them are designed to make the space lighter, as well as increase brightness. In such a room it will be even more comfortable to take water procedures. An important role will be played by the choice of plumbing, which must fully correspond to the space in terms of style. Modern techniques allow you to make the space quite luxurious without losing its functionality. A stylish and cosy bathroom will be the perfect place to relax and recuperate after work.