How To Win At Festival Fashion

You’ll often find in festival season friends blowing up your Instagram by posting pictures on social media. Usually, these will display their choice of mini dress, playsuits, denim mini skirts, wings and excessive glitter. It is almost like a rite of passage to show off your festival outfits with your good vibes.

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to look your best, especially if you’re new to a subculture like this. So we’re here today to help you out. Do you want to know the best ways to get noticed for your trendy outfit? Let’s explore some of the best festival fashion hacks for this.

friends at a Festival

Stick to your style

Just because a festival is a new opportunity, with new fashion to explore, it does not mean you have to abandon your pre-established style. Weave your current style into any outfit you decide to create for festivals. Fashion is so versatile you shouldn’t need to sacrifice what you like to impress.

Base your outfit on a single piece

Festival fashion tends to be punchy but simple. Therefore it only makes sense to base your outfit on one piece. If you really love a certain top, evaluate the theme and use other items of clothing that enhance the qualities you like about it.

This way you won’t need to worry about any clashes happening with your outfit. A good example would be, if your main piece is red, you might back it up with contrasting colours to make it pop more.

Look at what’s in style

Depending on the music genre and other such variables, it would be a good idea to see where new fashion is being sported. For example, if you are going to Reading festival in the UK, the music is modern and fairly popular.

Therefore, check out the type of fashion various artists attending have recently adorned. This would be a great way to kick-start the creation of an outfit and ensure you look the part. Luckily, it is easy to see what various figures in music communities are doing. It is essentially how they sell their work, so let it inspire you to dress to impress.

Less is more

This famous saying holds a lot of weight when it comes to festival fashion. Typically when at a festival, you want to wear only what is needed. After all, you’re going to be dancing, and walking and you won’t want to carry too much stuff on your person.

Therefore it only makes sense that wearing simple clothes is the best option. However, simple does not mean you can’t be trendy. In fact, there are so many possibilities, that there is no need to worry about having to sacrifice impact for functionality.


If you want to keep your possessions on your person, such as credit cards, phones, etc. Then we suggest investing in a small bag with a strap to keep on your body. Having a smaller bag like a fanny pack will help prevent your belongings from being stolen in the crowd.

Plenty of designer brands have experimented with making fanny packs. So you can look forward to finding a decent bag that will compliment your outfit rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.


A powerful method of dressing that people often forget is accessorizing. Accessories can help to make an outfit pop. They can frame pieces of clothing depending on variables such as colour, size, and design.

Accessories can vary quite a bit. From wristbands, necklaces, chokers, rings, bandanas, and even watches which also have a practical use. With the sheer amount of options available to you, it won’t be hard to add a little extra to set your outfit apart from the rest.

festival in the rain

Pack for all-weather

Festival weather can be unpredictable, even in summer, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, making sure you have a coat on hand in case it rains is always a good idea. However, lugging one around can be a real drag.

Luckily ponchos and thin raincoats can be carried easily. This will allow you to quickly get it out and put it on to keep yourself dry if the weather turns. Their size and ability to fit inside a backpack will keep your outfit from going unnoticed.

And the festivals all-terrain best friend the wellington boot will ensure mud will not be an obstacle.


If you’re still struggling to create some get-up combinations a fantastic resource to use for inspiration would be Pinterest. Pinterest is an image-share website just like Instagram is. However, Pinterest has a big community for fashion.

Another positive is that you can save images you like into “Boards”. These are essentially virtual galleries made up of images you add to them from the website. This will help brainstorm.

Thrift Shopping

Leaving the best for last. Thrift shopping is arguably the best option on this list to win at festival fashion. Thrift stores provide a wide variety of clothing, and can even offer items from notable brands at affordable prices.

Thrift shopping in itself can be a source of inspiration. You never know what you might find. And even if you already have an idea of a style you want, with the abundance of variety, you won’t be looking very long.

The culture behind thrift shopping has really exploded in terms of popularity. The culture is slowly developing a strong bond with festival fashion. A fantastic option we recommend when shopping for a fabulous festival get-up would be

Wisi-oi is a online thrift store that provides good quality clothes. And not just that, but clothes made by popular brands for an absolute bargain. If you want to create a stunning get-up, Wisi-oi is the place to go!

What next?

We have equipped you with guidelines that will help you structure a trendy outfit for festivals. So take it a step further, take the initiative and check out stores and websites. Brainstorm and find items that you want to base your outfit around.