The finishing touch: accessories that elevate your outfits

Last Updated on 6th January 2024

The accessories are the last small touch you put on after you get dressed, so you often neglect to think about them when planning your outfit. But you might have set a New Year resolution to elevate your style and give more consideration to choosing accessories.

Michael Kors said that accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit, so you should no longer put picking them last and invest time and money into some items that make you look more stylish. 

The clothes and accessories you wear reflect your personality. You are different from the other women and have a unique sense of styling and dressing. Your lifestyle dictates your interests and dressing style. So why not pay more attention to how you present yourself to the world?

black leather bag and blue jeans

Styles you can choose from

When browsing for accessories on the Internet, you might get confused because you don’t know what items match your style or might not even have a defined personal style. So before adding products to the cart, you should try to identify your style because it dictates the kind of accessories you should wear. 

Classic style

You want to put your outfits together in no time and have no interest in the latest trends. You prefer items that make you feel comfortable, and that you can easily mix and match. You’re not an attention grabber and prefer simple outfits. 


You prefer soft hues with girly patterns and pieces that show your sweet romantic side. You always search for elements that add more grace to your outfits.


All your clothing items and accessories express your love for nature, so they’re made from eco-friendly materials. You probably have a capsule collection of items that you can easily mix and match because you don’t want to take part in the pollution the fashion industry creates. 


You prefer structural outfits you can easily take from day to night by switching accessories. You’re always on the run, and your outfits keep up with you. 

Now that you have identified your style, you can start searching for accessories to complement it. Here are some recommendations that might help you. 

women in matching colours

Match colours

Matching the accessories according to their colours is a great strategy until a point. For example, wearing a silver crystal clutch and a silver ring will look great because they coordinate and work well together. However, it might be overkill to add to your outfit a great pair of green shoes, a green bag, a pair of green earrings, and a chunky green ring. When adding accessories to an outfit, look for ways to make it look balanced and not overwhelming. 

Also, you don’t always have to match colours by picking items in the same shade. You can mix hues that complement each other. For example, you can wear emerald earrings with a gold necklace. 

Go with simple accessories for bold outfits and bold accessories for simple outfits

Suppose you’re a fan of extravagant outfits, then you should opt for simple accessories to look stylish and maintain a sense of balance. When you like to go all out with your clothing, there’s no sense in adding chunky accessories because you’ll make the entire outfit feel overwhelming.

Let the clothing pieces draw attention and use simple accessories. If, on the other hand, you prefer simple outfits, add to your wardrobe a series of eye-catching accessories. The official bags by Loungefly definitely draw attention because a printed bag immediately takes your outfits out of anonymity.     

Think about proportions

As mentioned before, obtaining a balanced look is essential, and you should keep it in mind when purchasing accessories. If you are petite and want to create the impression of being taller, stay away from larger and oversized items. Also, when you pick a large element like a bracelet, bag, or pair of earrings, don’t go overboard with the others. You can play with proportions, but make sure to maintain a balanced look. 

red handbag on blue dress
You can go bold and add colour contrast to your outfits

Mix materials

You don’t have to wear accessories made from the same material to create a well-put-together outfit. You can mix and match different accessories as long as the materials go well together. Even gold and silver work well together when you know how to pair them. The purpose when mixing materials is to aim for balance and subtlety. Pinterest can always prove helpful in learning how to play with accessories made from different materials. 

Match your bag to your shoes

Fashion designers have always recommended matching your bag to your shoes, and the trend continues to remain relevant even in 2023. It’s a simple and effective way to make your outfit look put together. However, if you want to add a twist to the trend, you can pick items in shades that don’t match perfectly.

An electric blue shoe and a sky blue bag will look lovely, especially if you wear them with a nude outfit. Suppose you’re looking for accessories for a little black dress; we’d recommend wearing a classic red pair of stilettos and a wine-red clutch. Aim for timeless outfits if you want to always look amazing and put a little effort into planning your outfits. 

Wear statement pieces

Not all the accessories you wear should catch the eye. Let one of the items do the talking, and the others complement its features. You could choose the pair of shoes or bag as a statement piece through its design, colour, or brand. Or you can keep the bag and shoes in nude tones and a simple design and opt for a chunky or fun pair of earrings or a necklace. 

Hair accessories can also become statement pieces because they’re at eye level. When you wear a simple hairstyle, you can use accessories that bring it to life. Match your headbands, bows, clips, and barrettes to your outfits. 

A staple item would make it easier to match accessories to your outfits, so invest in pieces that make it easy to mix and match them with all your outfits. Some examples of classic items include black heels, a pendant necklace, and gold hoop earrings.