Intense Menswear

Who are Intense Menswear?

Established in 2012, Intense Menswear was formed by Liam France in his home town of Stockport. From humble beginnings as a shop, in addition to its flagship stores it has expanded as Intense Clothing and now branched out into collections for women and kids. The brand’s inspiration has always been to create products which reflect the times and attitude of today’s modern city-dweller. Intense aim to incorporate the style of the city into a mix of attitude and popular culture, reaching people with their brand and philosophy. With its recognisable Spider Logo, their printed T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Vests, Sweatshirts and Shorts are all designed to inspire.

Intense Clothing’s Spider Logo

Intense Menswear
Intense Menswear Spider Logo

We have to admit these are some nice clothes, and we had a close look at the Black Widow Hoodie to check out it’s quality. It is on the pricey side, currently the cheapest available for £54.99, but the thickness of the 100% cotton just shows this is built to last. Yes you can buy a black hoodie at Primark for £14, but I guarantee the Intense one will keep you warmer and last ten times as long. Like most modern streetwear, the joggers are tight-fitting on the calves which isn’t my thing, but the hoodie is a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

Which celebs are wearing Intense Clothing?

It seems these days you have to gauge a brands popularity by who is wearing it. Of course for any urban wear brand, reality TV culture is the holy grail of celeb endorsement. Intense’s Instagram is a variety of who’s who of current TV stars. Scotty T of Geordie Shore is a big advocate of the brand, and was wearing it daily on his summer appearance on ITV’s Love Island.

Scotty T Wearing Intense
Scotty T Wears Intense Menswear
Scotty T and Kady Mcdermott

Tommy Mallet, Marco Falcone and Chris Clark of The Only Way is Essex are also big fans and have been captured wearing the brand.

Tommy Mallet
Marco Falcone TOWIE
Chris Clark TOWIE

And of course, there is plenty of endorsement from the likes of Katie Price, Jemma Lucy (ex on the beach), Lauren Rose, Ali Drew and Ash Defty.

Katie Price Intense Womenswear
Jemma Lucy Intense Womenswear
Lauren Rose
Ali Drew Intense
Ash Defty Intense


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