Dress styles in fashion for Spring 2022

Last Updated on 20th July 2022

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are longer, and the expected heatwave is imminent. Yes, it’s time to organize that spring wardrobe and start that shopping spree. Designer brands have started the battle for our attention with the freshest colors, prints, and silhouettes already. So, here’s our guide to the hottest dress styles and trends for 2022 guaranteed to catch your eye.

Sheath Dresses

The elegant and mid-length sheath dress is my top pick for the Spring trends, with clean simplicity and figure-hugging charm. Wear them with a pair of high heels or sandals to look elegant, and they are perfect for work events and dinners.

Sheath dresses are often sleeveless, fitted, and nipped in at the waistline to emphasize and flatter the curves. They are a timeless classic and you can pair with long lashes for Cleopatra vibes. Usually, in a V neckline, there are also many cut out styles available.

Not to be confused with a shift dress, which hangs down directly from the shoulders with a more vertical look and loose fit.

A woman in a sheath dress: the must have dress styles of spring 2022
The sheath dress is our must have dress style of spring 2022

Mini Dresses

A minidress is when the hemline is at mid-thigh level, no longer than 10cms below the buttocks much like a miniskirt. Anything at the upper thigh would be a microskirt and requires sensible underwear coverage.

Mini dresses look great on casual days, while the more formal styles are perfect for work events and weddings providing the length is modest. Green and florals are in again this season, with lurex featuring heavily.

A women in a minidress
Green Minidress paired with black belt

Long Dresses

Long dresses are timeless and usually ankle or floor-length so requires a pair of heels to stop dragging. Style dependant, they are a great choice for weddings and evening gowns as they ooze elegance.

For the beach or those sunshine holidays though, a colourful floral-print maxi-dress is a guaranteed winner and is a great purchase thanks to its versatility. Some styles are strapless but can flatter any body shape silhouette.

A woman in a colourful maxi dress
A colourful maxi dress

Flared Dresses

Flared dresses are still popular and great for wedding receptions and parties due to their fun nature. Usually, a flare dress is fitted at the top and fabric is gathered above the waist to flare out to give its shape. This can be a great plus-size clothing style for those who want to hide their bums.

Knitted Dresses

Knitted dresses are still in style and come in a wide assortment of colours, prints, and styles. The knitwear fabric helps in the cooler evenings to stay warm, especially without a jacket or shawl.

a women in a Yellow jumpsuit paired with a denim jacket
Yellow jumpsuit paired with a denim jacket


Jumpsuits can be worn during the day and even to the workplace, though they might be best suited for casual days. Often in bright colours, they can be accessorized to be toned down depending on the occasion, but they make great fun and confidence-boosting summer wear. This is apt as they were literally designed for jumping out of planes hence the name.

The difference between a suit and a jumpsuit is the latter is all in one, whereas a suit is two-piece, and the bottoms could be dress or trousers. While you don’t get the flexibility with the jumpsuit, the one-piece is great for being active.


The spring season is a great time to shop for new clothing and accessories. You can find a wide variety of trends and styles for spring, from florals to jumpsuits. When you shop for spring fashion, it’s important to take into account your body type and style preferences to find the perfect look for you.

And the occasion is very important too, wedding season is on us, but if you can get good use at work too then you can double up the wardrobe with these spring dress styles.