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Last Updated on 25th November 2023

We often talk about the importance of building a brand. But what happens when you don’t feel your initial branding is right and actually stifling growth? Rebranding can just be removing the shackles of a negative stigma, like for example Stella Artois and Burberry. Once both common in a Friday night brawl in a kebab shop, Stella has worked hard to replace the “wife-beater” tag with “Reassuringly expensive”. Burberry was even banned in pubs and clubs at one point, but now has brand ambassadors like Emma Watson and Cara Delevingne and has successfully used social media to turn the image around. They also crucially bought back the 23 licenses allowing other business to use it’s pattern, and regained control.

Some Brands were calling out to be renamed, Isis Belgian Chocolates and Ayds Candy for example. But some of the biggest brands realised early on that a new name was needed to move them forward. I mean would you drink a cold Brad’s Drink (Pepsi), Backrub (Google) it, or buy something from AuctionWeb (EBay)? Or how about listening to your Sound Around (Walkman), playing on your Marafuku (Nintendo) or cooking in your Radar Oven (Microwave).


In fashion, brand is king, and battling for the throne is Blue Ribbon Sports. Sound appealing? What about if I called them Nike? Another athletics streetwear brand looking for a similar change in fortunes is Avid & Co, formally known as Avid Attire. We asked Streetwear Designers and Marketing Experts Fashion Design Solutions on why they had made this bold move.

“”It’s harder than ever for Urban Wear brands to stand out from the crowd these days. Despite heavily investing in Social Media and advertising, sometimes a change is needed. Especially for brands like Scar Tissue Clothing who are finding out from the big retailers the hard way, that having a brilliant product is not enough. Name does matter, and the big retailers will take Brand into consideration. 304# have recently rebranded as 304 and it’s a bold move, as all of the old stock becomes redundant, and website domains & social media accounts all need to be changed.”

“Avid have done things the right way by changing their whole image, becoming a higher-end product and stepping away from the bold branding. Gone are the 6 inch emblazoned branding and in has come subtle branding on items. They have gone from being able to see the brand from across the street to literally looking close all over to see who made it. Which is genius, as you then can instantly see and feel the quality. Some may consider the move to high-end brave, but it is inspired as they are now one of the best brands on the market. The new name is the next chapter in Avid history books, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.”

Avid & Co

And who are we to argue with the Fashion House that made the phenomenon that is Sik Silk and 11 Degrees? We can’t help but agree that Avid’s brave move has paid off, but only time will tell. What we do know here is quality clothes, and Avid & Co are starting to stand out for the right reasons.

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