It’s Summer Season Soon: Top Men’s Swimming Trunks Guide

Men’s swimwear fashion is no longer the same as 100 years ago. Back then, swimming naked was commonplace, but this changed over time thankfully. Mens Swimsuits has a variety of styles available, and many stylish designer swimming shorts for men to choose from.

Indeed, swimming trunks and men’s swim shorts have become a fashion statement. They come in different colours and types for more than just swimming, beach shorts are worn in beachside bars and seaside towns sometimes even as a two piece outfit. 

Even if they seem like simple garments, swim trunks differ in fabric, purpose, and appearance, and you must learn the differences between them so you can find what you’re looking for when shopping.

Factors to consider when buying would be colour and pattern, material, style and length, size and features like zip pockets, drawstrings or elastic waistband.

Here’s a list of swimming trunks and swim short in length order, that you can buy this summer to perfect that beach style for your body type.

A man in very short swim shorts
Men’s swim shorts do not get much shorter than this pair of swim trunks


Swim Briefs

Briefs, also known as Speedos (and budgie smugglers in some parts of the world), were a popular stock item in the late 20th, early 21st century in the UK and still common in continental Europe, representing a classic swimwear design.

They are V-shaped and tight, providing durability and reducing drag in the water, which is why many professional swimmers prefer this type of swimming trunk over the others.

They are good for sunbathing because they prevent tanning lines. They are an excellent choice for men below average height; however, you may need a bit of confidence to wear them, as they don’t provide much coverage.

Square-Cut Shorts (swimming trunks)

This type of swimwear is similar to boxer shorts underwear for males and commonly known as swim trunks. Again ideal if you want to prevent tanning lines, but don’t feel comfortable wearing briefs. 

At the same time, square-cut shorts are quite revealing still, giving a tighter snug look. They are more modest than briefs but provide optimal performance and comfort. Square-cut shorts are available in different lengths, with most of them looking like bike shorts.

The best swim trunks still favour functionality over design and style over, as they are still intended for swimmers than fashionistas.

Man is short swimming trunks
The shorter style swim shorts is popular for holidays in Ibiza

Mid Length

Aqua Shorts & Swim Shorts

Aqua shorts are ideal for individuals under average height but also for taller men. They are generally made of quick drying fabric like polyester or nylon and can either have open side pockets or one or two back pockets. Material is key though, and the presence of a comfortable mesh lining really needs to be established as those manufactured badly can be too tight in the groin.

This type of swimwear provides more coverage than briefs and is shorter than board shorts and jammers detailed below. And such they are the most popular for vacationing at a beautiful hotel pool, the beach, or sitting in a bar.

While the original swim shorts had a single basic colour with a drawstring waist, they now come in many colourful prints and abstract patterns these days. This variety makes them an excellent option for men of all ages, and the popular choice of pool shorts for sunshine holidays.

Price of course varies, but high quality garments last longer and use fabrics with a water repellent finish.

Knee Length

Jammers for professional swimmers

Jammers can be distinguished from other types of swim trunks because they are similar to Lycra cycling or running shorts. Jammers are close fitting and knee length, and they are a top choice for professional athletes due to their compression qualities that can help them perform better in the pool.

Now, when it comes to men’s swim shorts, it’s essential to remember that not every piece will look good on everyone or be suitable for the holiday wardrobe. Generally, jammers are a great fit for those with a tall and athletic physique, while those below average height tend to avoid them.

man in board shorts at the beach
Traditional boardshorts usually come in bold patterns but are fast drying

Board Shorts for surfers

Board shorts are a type of shorts that are longer than traditional shorts, typically reaching the knee and common in the surfing community. They are as long as jammers but baggier and losing fitting, making the top choice for streetwear types and worn for swimming, surfing, other water activities, and even when skate boarding.

Boardies are usually made of quick-drying fabrics such as nylon and polyester with the need for an inner mesh liner, and often feature a drawstring waistband. The length (there are surf trunks too), materials, and features can vary greatly, and they may come in a variety of bright colours and garish patterns.

But it’s the versatility as swimming trunks that can equally be passed off as normal shorts that made them a great choice.

orlebar brown size guide
Brands like Orlebar Brown give a size guide for their styles

Choose Swimwear That’s Right For You

Finding the best men’s swim trunks, swimwear and shorts will present you with a lot of options, but the good news is that there’s a piece out there for all body types and personal style.

With this breakdown hopefully you are more informed, and the secret is to choose a clothing item that makes you feel comfortable and suits your style. When you buy your swimwear, check out the reputable brands as they will give you size guides and other information.