The history of UK streetwear

If we are defining streetwear as casual clothing worn by urban youth subcultures, and only recognising its global growth since the 1990’s then in the UK it has to start with Criminal Damage.

But the progression and evolution of the streetwear scene was impressive, influenced by the USA, Japan and France.

The Bedroom Brand Era

2014 was the golden age of UK streetwear, joining a bedroom brand wave started by Sik Silk, which opened up new designs and fresh takes on t-shirts and tracksuits. This was fast fashion reinvented; quick turnaround on production to deliver in-demands designs, with small repeat orders on successful designs.

This year spawned Hera who redefined jeans and MDV who moved streetwear into contemporary fashion, while 11 Degrees and Gym King put the humble tracksuit into pride of place in the capsule wardrobe.

Many copycats were inspired which resulted in a saturation of the marketplace, but few stayed the course like our list of the best streetwear brands in the UK.


Year Brand
1991 Criminal Damage
2003 Money Clothing
2004 Weekend Offender
2009 Judas Sinned
2011 Hype
2012 Sik Silk
2012 304#
2012 Intense
2013 Good For Nothing
2013 Bee Inspired
2014 11 Degrees
2014 Gym King
2014 Rose London
2014 Maniere De Voir
2014 Couture Club
2014 Avid Attire
2014 Fresh Ego Kid
2014 Hera London
2015 Kings Will Dream
2016 Scar Tissue Clothing
2016 Aces Couture
2017 JK attire
2017 Pre London
2018 Faded
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