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Who owns Pre London Clothing?

Prè London Clothing is owned by Ashlee Walsh and his sister Rachel Walsh, from Birmingham but’s let not split hairs on with so many brands using “London” in their brand name. It would appear this was Ashlee’s first involvement in the Fashion Industry, and it cannot be denied they made a big impact.

For someone like me who has an eye on the streetwear casual market, I usually have my finger on the pulse and hear rumours on who is involved in what brands behind the scenes. It’s common for a big company to be financing, pulling the strings or at least a strong sales agent.

I was expecting to see or hear something, but on paper, it does at least look like a bit of hard graft has paid off for the Walsh siblings. This is why I’ve not written about them sooner as I like a bit of depth to my brand reviews into how they were set up, who owns them and their history. It’s unusual for there not to be an interesting back story on the brand.

Pre London Jeans

pre london
Max Hamilton models Prè London

Pre London are a good example of a clothing brand on the up that have done everything right and in truth a little too good for the novice. They launched with skinny denim on the legs of FFN favourite Brad Skelly in April 2017, a good few months after their first shoot in November 2016. Tee’s and Vests came the month after on the literal back of Sam Reece.

Thanks to a social influencer campaign straight out of the Scar Tissue Clothing playbook, they found their way into the bigger retailers like Footaslyum, ASOS and DV8 – which takes work, connections, or an established sales agent.

Now using Max Hamilton as the main model, Pre London is still going strong and have added Hoddies, Joggers, Caps, Shorts and Jackets.

Is Pre London a good brand?

The reviews are pretty usual and no obvious alarm bells. The bad reviews are pretty standard for a clothing company as the occasional error, delivery issues or miss-pick does happen. Importantly there are no bad reviews on product quality, which is usually the big watch out, so it seems they are legit and worthy of their place as a top streetwear brand.

I do find it interesting that they only claimed their trust pilot account in April 2020, and a short burst of 5-star reviews happened in May. This could have been a case of the clothing brand outreaching to customers of course.

Is there a Pre London Black Friday sale?

Yes there will be as they already have a page set up for the Pre London Black Friday sale event. 

What does Pre mean?

Pre is Latin for ‘before’. We suspect the name Pre London is not intended to mean anything, unless ‘Prior to London’ was their intention. It also gives an easy script logo with just the word pré.

Who is Ashlee Walsh?

As far as I can tell, Pre London CEO and Birmingham native Ashlee Walsh had a career in recruitment and DJ. This may have opened some doors with connections in his trips to Ibiza. Other than being a Birmingham City season ticket holder, not a lot of information has been publically released.



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