Fashion Must-Haves If You’re Heading for A Winter Vacation

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Last Updated on 6th January 2024

The once happy ritual of a sunny summer holiday became a guessing game of air corridors and mandatory isolation this summer. Even those of us who did get away drank our beachside cocktails under the looming shadow of an imminent lockdown or enforced isolation. So, like me, many of you will be thinking about making up for a disappointing summer by heading off to Europe for a winter vacation fashion inspired city break trip. Who knows, maybe it’s time for a cheeky romantic proposal.

Maybe you’ve got your eye on the cheap rental accommodation available in Portugal or you fancy exploring the streets of the chilly Czech capital, Prague. Wherever you are thinking of heading off to, you’ll need to do some rethinking about what to pack.  Even if you are heading to somewhere comparatively warm, like Portugal, the temperatures, especially in the evening, are going to be a lot lower, so space in that suitcase is going to be at a premium. Here are some fashion staples that should definitely be on your list.

  1. An oversized coat

A legacy of the late Alexander McQueen’s oversized silhouettes, the oversize coat is very much on-trend and the bonus is that an oversize coat is super warm. If vintage is your thing, you can have a lot of fun finding an oversize maxi wool coat that works for you, or perhaps a shearling coat, which will last forever and take all kinds of punishment.  Of course, oversize doesn’t necessarily mean buying a large size, for example, the J W Anderson trench coat is a beautifully designed oversize take on a classic design. Maybe it’s a bit pricey but you’ll find plenty of others, Zara for example, doing the same kind of thing.  What you want to avoid is the ‘Honey I shrank the kids’ look, so remember, you need to be tall to pull off an ankle-length coat and try and keep your outfit minimalist: skinny items work well with big items. And if you are wondering how you’ll ever pack an oversize coat, don’t! Wear it and then put in in the overhead.

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  1. Puffer coat

A down jacket that packs right down is a space-saving cosy essential.  Buy good quality that is windproof and water-resistant and you won’t regret it, especially for looking stlyish on those cold winter vacation fashion adventures.

  1. Knee-high boots

Again, don’t even think about trying to pack these, wear them on your journey. White and cream are particularly on-trend but more importantly buy quality boots that are going to keep you warm and dry.  Riding boot style with their low heels are super practical and if you want to get really rugged, motorcycle-style boots with their thick soles will take a lot of punishment, though they can feel rather heavy after a while. Remember, suede boots, beautiful though they maybe are going to get ruined in wet weather. Make sure your boots are well fitted and don’t bag or sag.

  1. Turtleneck sweater

Lightweight merino or chunky cable, versatile and cosy a turtleneck or two are essential winter wear.  Great for layering, great for lounging, skirt or jeans, need I say more.

  1. Thick leggings

The world is full of leggings, some fall down, some go see-through, some don’t last five minutes, even so, a few pairs of fleece lined leggings should definitely find their way into your suitcase.