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Year Started:2016

Seasons: AW16,SS17,AW17,SS18,AW18,SS19,AW19,SS20,AW20,SS21

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Scar Tissue Clothing hit the urban fashion scene in 2016 like a freight train. In a time when streetwear brands were relatively uncommon, they launched their AW16 collection with the faces of Ross Worswick (Couture Club) and Jemma Lucy (ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother), with model shots by Paul Hutchinson (who later started U and I Originals). Sexy, crass, dare we say a little bit chavvy fashin? It became the brand we thought we would not touch, until we saw it on influencers and fashionistas, and got worn down by their affordable luxury. Scars clothing instantly became our youth culture guilty pleasure, with comfort, fit and trends on point. 

Initially designed as menswear, it has become very unisex. And while not womenswear per se, their core tracksuits are our go-to loungewear on a lazy Sunday. T-Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Shorts, Sweatshirts, Jeans, Jackets, Hats, Vests, Swimwear. We love them all, particularly the summer floral styles which really make a statement. The core range is light-weight and simple, combining fitted tees, vests and gym shorts. Perfect for the Gym or cafe. The brand really perfect the core curved hem t shirt too.

Who started Scar Tissue Clothing?

Scar Tissue Clohing
Scar Tissue Beyond Comparison
Scar Tissue Beyond Comparison

We dug deeper into the Brand official records to see their beginnings and a lot of things began to make sense. Before the boom of (soon to be passé stock-branding) urban labels all over your Instagram feed, there were a few heavy-weights none more so than 11 Degrees and Sik Silk. Both were manufactured and designed in the early days by Fashion Design Solutions who could arguably take a lot of credit for their meteoric rise.

The haute couture fashion company are the team behind Scar Tissue clothing, which explains why the clothes are just so damn good. The best news of all is they are maturing as seasons go on to become the favourite brand in the office with their ability to stay on top of what is fashionable. The logo has got smaller, the designs more on-trend, and the appeal more main-stream. Their black suede trucker hats reinvented the contemporary street style, and their oversized hoodies have become streetwear staples. Their interpretation of active and fitness wear brought a sleek look both fresh and clean, but still resembling athletic influences.

MrScartissue Darryl Williams

In 2017 Scar Tissue Clothing shifted focus to the then-unknown models of Jammy Reeves (who like Hutchy went on to model for every clothing brand out there) and Mitch Palmer, and in 2018 Joe Gann took over.

The whole face of the brand was changing, but one remained consistent in Darryl Williams. #MrScartissue is an international DJ most people might recognise behind the decks at Ocean Beach Ibiza (hence the SS17 collab range), also where he met the FDS management team when they saw he was wearing an item they had designed and made for a major brand, and the conversation started and an idea formed. The distinctive seed of life pattern is tattooed on the Wolverhampton DJ’s arm which inspired the logo.

Why are they called Scar Tissue?

Scar Clothing
Scar Clothing

We have to admit, what put us off the brand in the first place was the name and the images it invoked. For us, it was a great product, but a terrible moniker. We have noticed from the recent branding it is heading towards being called Scar only, and Scar Clothing has a far nicer edge to it. Why it’s even called Scar Tissue no-one seems to know or will share with us despite our intrusive probing. It could be the obvious reference to tattoo’s or some poetic nod to healing old wounds (say perhaps the pain of watching brands they designed and manufactured, be so loved and explode.)

Their official bio supports our theory as it references redemption, regeneration, the fascia of growth and new beginnings. They talk about the trauma of being rock bottom and the pure mental strength and muscle to push ahead to come back new, improved, and better than before. There is no doubting they are a cut above the rest and are not here by accident. They will be a mainstay in the fashion industry for years to come, and this is evident with their influence in the fast-fashion world. Their models have been used by ASOS, Footasylum, Bee Inspired, and Couture Club (who also used their AW17 shoot location).

In recent times a brand called scars clothing has started, but is no connection and came a lot later. We are not saying they are a copycat brand, but it’s just screen-printed stock garments so I’d avoid.

“Scar tissue forms when a wound heals after a cut”

Scar Tissue Seed of Life Logo

Scar Tissue's Seed of Life Logo
Scar Tissue’s Seed of Life Logo

Other than the name, the stand out is the Scar Tissue seed of life logo which appears on all of the clothing. The seed of life (or flower of life) is a contemporary name for an ancient geometric pattern, made up of seven equal-sized overlapping circles. It symbolises the circle of life itself, and each of the seven rings represents the seven days of creation. The sacred symbol dates back to 4000 BC. The overlapping circle’s grid can be seen at the Temple of Osiris and in Leonardo Da Vinci’s art work.

The name Seed of Life was coined in the 1980s but also has relevant symbolism. Seeds hold the blueprints of life and amazing things can happen when they grow. They can lay dormant for ages, before the conditions are ripe for them to burst into life. You can’t help feel that this brand was meant to be, and that it came slightly too late to fully grow before the many pop-up urban brands tried to muscle in on the market. This has not only diluted the potential customer base but also driven price-slashing wars which doesn’t help the growth of any brand.

Scar Tissue LogoEnough of the symbolism, the seed of life logo on the Scar Tissue clothing is perfect for those selfies. The geometric circle shape is completely symmetrical so does not reverse in mirror image. It has been seen in Modern Culture too, Cold Play have used it, as do the Sonus festival in Croatia and a menstruation iPhone app. The Brand seems to be progressing to a script instead, but that would be a shame as it’s a logo we have come to love.

They look great on headwear in particular, which is lucky as they do make outstanding trucker caps. Certainly, they have turned a few heads from fashion retailers and followers of fashion.

Seed of life logo
Seed of Life Logo

Scar Tissue Clothing Discount Codes

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Scar Tissue Black Friday Sale

Scar Tissue Clothing Black Friday sale is a very popular discount event, and they often start the sales on Halloween and run throughout November. The popular sizes sell out fast so is essential to get in quick.


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