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Every now and again a new urban wear brand comes along to blow us away with it’s originality, style and damn-right coolness. Not since Chptr and Vrse have we been as blown away as when we first saw Scar Tissue Clothing recently.

The Brighton-based Brand’s first collection was an early AW16 launch that is currently taking the streets by storm. While designed for Men in mind, the clothes have already proven to be a hit with ladies too. And when you see these sizzling shots you instantly know why. This is a brand not ashamed to use sex appeal for sales, and the photoshoots and models are still classy.

Who are Scar Tissue Clothing?

Well they are the brain-child of a Brighton devout follower of fashion. After becoming tired with the market, he wanted to design his own clothes and had some good ideas. Importantly he also had the Clothing brand’s distinctive Seed of Life Logo bouncing round his head, and the vision was complete.

Step forward Sussex-based Fashion Design Solutions to put the dream into reality, and with everything they touch comes another gold mine of clothing perfection. Every item is of the expected highest quality, and completely bang on trend. Beating every major brand to the punch, they launched the AW16 well before others hit stores which shows this companies determination to be a market leader.

Where have I seen that Logo before?

The brand use the distinctive Seed of Life logo on their clothes, also known as the flower of life, which represents the seven stages, steps, or days of creation. In fashion there are seven stages to making the clothes, but ultimately despite it’s connotations the logo was chosen as the brand thought it looked cool and worthy of the clothes quality. It’s also the same for those mirror image selfies.

Scar Tissue Seed of Life Logo

seed of life logo
seed of life logo

AW16 Collection

The AW16 Collection includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Shorts, Snapbacks, and a full Gym Range. They have put their Lookbook video online to showcase the full collection and the quality is instantly standout.


Scar Tissue T-Shirts are all made of the finest high-quality cotton and come in a variety of styles including Vented, Curved Hem, and Oversized tees. Using colouring techniques such as Dip-Dye, Oil-Dye, and Mouliné strands, the range is beautifully varied and it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Colours include White, Black, Almond, Khaki, Maroon, Black Olive, Grey and Charcoal. We love the Grey and Coffee Dip Dyes but the Stripe Tee’s modelled below are a work of art.

Scar Tissue AW16

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

No AW16 collection would be complete without something that could keep you warm and still be cool as fuck. Scar Tissue Hoodies and Sweatshirts fill that need with innovation, with the zip hoodies offering dual direction for perfect climate control.  

With a brilliant material of a Polyester, Cotton and Viscose, the zip hoodies are stylish and practical. The pullover hoodies are equally as nice, and of course all offer drawstrings to keep that chill out. Best of all they all have matching joggers, so all needs are met. And we love the Black Olive, Maroon and Charcoal colour scheme.

Scar Tissue Hoodies


If you are lazing about the house you want comfort. If you are out and about, you want style. So the perfect joggers will always need to combine these basic needs. It should not be that difficult but often is not done due to design faults or manufacturing restrictions. So what a relief to find these tracksuit bottoms are just perfect and match the hoodies, sweats and tees as well. This is what we love about this brand, they refuse to sacrifice on quality.

Scar Tissue AW16

Gym Wear

To tackle a Gym range in a first collection is a brave move, and to vary it from the main range is daring to say the list. Still keeping the Seed of Life Logo, the Gym Wear has a smaller version but has the brand name emblazoned on the rear. This is a bold effort from a brand who’s main range is refreshingly clean from advertising. Frankly, it all depends if you like having Scar Tissue on your arse as you do squats, but I think we can all agree Jemma Lucy can pull it off.

Scar Tissue Gymwear

Who is wearing it?

It seems Clothing Brands are defined by who is wearing, promoting and endorsing them on social media. We probably saw too much of DJ Darryl Williams on Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, but this man has hardly been seen in anything else since joining the photo shoot that included Ex On The Beach’s Jemma Lucy, and urbanwear models Paul Hutchinson and Dan Ford. The brands rise is evident as has been seen on the backs of reality stars Stephen Bear, Jason Burrill, Jackson Blyton and beyond.

Scar Tissue New In

Jemma Lucy

Stephen Bear and Jemma Lucy

Where can you buy Scar Tissue Clothing?

A lot of major retailers are in discussions, but Thomas Gun are always quick of the mark when it comes to spotting trends and were the first retailer to take them up and the range is available here. There are also outlets dotted around Sussex and beyond which can be found on the brands Stockists page.

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