Finding The Right Gift For The Eco-Warrior In Your Life: A Guide

Last Updated on 26th January 2024

Surprising your loved one with presents is something that many of us both enjoy doing and have done plenty of throughout our lives. Irrespective of the reasons behind surprising your loved one with a gift, or whether there is a special occasion or not, sharing that bit of sunshine and joy with this person just can’t be matched.

While that is very well the case, many people spend hours tirelessly worrying about how they are going to find the right gift for this special person in their life. Naturally, there are going to be individuals in your life who are incredibly easy to buy for. But, at the same time, there are going to be others that might be a bit trickier. It can often feel like a minefield to navigate when faced with this proposition, but that is where we are here to help!

Detailed below, you will find an all-you-need-to-know guide for finding the right gift for that special someone. In particular, we will be considering what you need to remember when finding the right gift for a sustainable eco-warrior in your life. Read on for more.

  1. Make a List and Narrow It Down

This often feels a lot easier said than done, and you would be correct in thinking that. Narrowing down a list of options when you have worked tirelessly to find them in the first place might feel counterproductive initially but hear us out.

Creating a detailed list of potential gift ideas for your loved one is the best place to start. Whether you subtly make a note of what they have been saying over time or take inspiration from previous gifts you have given, establishing the types of things they would be happy to receive is paramount.

From here, you will be able to rank the ideas in terms of what they would like to receive the most versus what they would not. While that is not to say they don’t want the gift idea entirely, it might just be the case they do not want it at this point in time. Not to mention, having a backup plan list will ensure you do not have to navigate this process on the next birthday or special occasion!

  1. Assess How Durable and Long-Standing The Gift Will Be

It goes without saying, but when wanting to find a gift for the eco-conscious person in your life, the last thing you want to do is give them something with a short lifespan. Having a gift that will ultimately end in the bin and on its way to the local landfill is less than ideal and is something you will want to work hard to avoid.

As a result, it is worth considering how long-standing the gift will be and whether it is something worth buying in the first place. Sentimental gifts are often suitable options when considering a factor such as this; who will want to throw out something that means so much to them?

What’s more, gifting something sentimental to your loved ones also provides them with a decorative piece that can be displayed proudly in their homes. Canvas prints and other such items from Photobox and other reputable companies are examples of long-standing, sentimental gifts that make the perfect present no matter the occasion. You can even make your own canvas print quickly and easily online, then get it delivered to your door. As such, this is a convenient and inventive gift for a special someone in your life.

When choosing something like this for your loved one, you eliminate the risk of the gift ending up in the bin in the short term. Sentimental gifts often appear a safe option and can be something that is kept for years to come, which, after all, is what you want when buying a gift for someone.

plant a tree
Planting a tree is a gift for a lifetime
  1. Contemplate and Offset Carbon Emissions

This might not be something that first springs to mind when gift shopping for your nearest and dearest, but it is something that needs considering when wanting to be sustainable and eco-friendly in your approach. A carbon footprint is something that everyone has and which, most of the time, cannot be avoided. Everything we purchase contributes to our overall carbon emissions, including when buying a gift for a loved one and having it delivered to your home.

While that is very well the case, there are things you can do when faced with this situation to lower how much carbon you are creating when finding the perfect gift for your loved one. We have no doubt they will love the present you get for them, but have confidence they would appreciate your efforts in reducing your carbon footprint too.

Knowing what options are available to you when offsetting your carbon emissions can be challenging, for this is not something that many people consider on a day-to-day basis. That being said, this tends to include the likes of donating to charities that plant trees or planting them yourself and refusing single use plastic packaging – something commonly used across the world.

Regarding the packaging that is used in the gift, this takes us to the following section.

  1. Opt For Eco-Friendly Packaging Or None At All

Understandably, when buying something on the internet which might be fragile in some way or another, you want to do what you can as the consumer to ensure it does not get broken in transit. For the most part, this includes opting for packaging for your purchase, but more often than not, this packaging is not sustainable in the slightest.

While nothing stops you from swapping the gift into more environmentally friendly packaging when it arrives, you also have the option to opt for none entirely. If the brand you are buying from does not offer a sustainable alternative for you to choose from, consider contacting them to inquire whether or not you can opt out of using packaging in this way.

Initially, it might appear like a stab in the dark. Still, we feel confident that the eco-conscious person you are buying the gift for will appreciate the efforts you have gone to when being sustainable in your purchases, no matter how small the action.

eco friendly packaging
eco friendly packaging is a must for the gift
  1. Collaborate With Others

Sustainable products themselves can be a bit more costly than those that are not. Generally, this is due to the effort that has gone into sustainably creating a product, alongside using materials and resources that are sustainable too. You might find yourself looking at a gift for your loved one but then put off purchasing due to the price. Let’s be real; it has been a financially challenging eighteen months for us all!

Suppose this is the case; you are not out of options entirely. Communicating with other friends and family members who could chip in for the present is ideal for navigating this process. You will be able to split the cost between a few of you, minimising the burden on your bank account alone. At the same time, you will be buying that special someone a gift that they are sure to love, what’s not to like!

Making swaps in your life to be more sustainable can be tricky at the best of times. Making these swaps because of someone else in your life naturally piles on the pressure but is more doable than many think. Know that the effort you put into this overall process will not go unnoticed, and the eco-warrior in your life will be incredibly grateful!