The Newbie Fashionista’s Guide to Finding Your Style

Last Updated on 6th January 2024

Styles are a deeply personal matter, and that means you are free to develop your own aesthetic, whether heavily influenced by someone else’s or created specifically for your preferences only. Now, in case you’re a newbie fashionista still searching for your style, here’s a guide that will help you define and refine it. The pointers are arranged in a logical order, and following them will enable you to pin down your aesthetic in no time.

Take Stock of What You Already Have

The first step is to look inside your closet and take an inventory of your wardrobe. Check everything out and observe what types of clothing you already own. Identify what types of clothes and accessories you have the most of. Chances are, you’ve got plenty of them because you like them a lot. Why else would you have kept buying them, right?

So, are you a tees-and-jeans gal or a shirt-and-skirt lady? Do you prefer dresses and skirts, or do you gravitate toward pants and shorts? Do you go for opaque tights or something more understated in nude tones? Think about all the items in your closet and why you bought them. Investigate what they have in common as well.

stylish ladies

Choose Your (Main) Colors

Fashionistas can rock any color, but they ultimately have a color palette of hues that they love the most. These colors make up a big part of their wardrobe and make mixing and matching pieces simpler and easier.

The predominant colors in your wardrobe will give you a fairly good idea of what you want here, so go check which hues most of your clothes come in. Then, wear these colors to not only see if you look good in them, but also determine if you feel comfortable and confident in them. These colors will then comprise the unifying palette that will define your style.

Supplement Your Style Knowledge

You can best develop your style only when creativity intersects with competency. In this case, competency refers to fashion knowledge, like which colors are complementary, how to wear scarves correctly, and the best practices in layering garments.

So, learn as much about fashion as you can. Follow the world’s best designers on social media. Sign up for fashion newsletters and peruse fashion design articles online.

The more you study fashion, the easier it will be for you to craft your style. All this research will give you a clearer idea of how to best showcase your personality through your choice of clothes. You’ll also better understand how to pull off the look and vibe you want. And once you know the rules of fashion, you’ll have the confidence to experiment and push the boundaries of these guidelines.

Look for Fashion Inspiration

The benefits of having fashion inspiration are twofold. First, you get to learn more about what it takes to be fashionable, of course. Second, this inspiration can spur you to be more creative and more willing to explore the many possibilities that come with crafting your own style.

Having said that, remember that inspiration in fashion can come from anyone, and you can start with family and friends whom you think are fashion-forward. Other obvious sources of fashion inspiration are celebrities and influencers whom you admire.

Once you’ve identified these people, observe how they dress, how they combine colors, and how they mix and match clothing items. Also, check out which outfits they wear the most. Additionally, look for little subtleties and nuances not only in the way they wear their clothes, but also in the way they carry themselves.

fashion mood board

Make a Fashion Mood Board

Making and keeping a fashion mood board, whether it’s a physical or digital one, can help you visualize what your ideal style would look like. With a mood board, you can picture everything, from what colors look good to what clothing combinations work well.

So, to get you started, take a picture of yourself wearing the getup you like the most or the outfit that you think makes you look your best. Then, just keep adding more of these types of outfits to your board.

Curate Your Wardrobe

By now, you should have a fairly good idea of what style you’re aiming for. With that in mind, you can start curating your wardrobe. This simply means sorting your closet and keeping only the things you like and need while getting rid of everything else.

To do this, first, take out everything in your closet. Then, start separating the items you need to keep from the ones you don’t. After selecting all the pieces that match your desired style, put these items back in your closet in a neat and organized manner. You now have a curated wardrobe!

As for the other items, either donate them if they can still be used, or throw them away if they’re damaged to the point that they’re no longer wearable or repairable.

Experiment with Your Curated Wardrobe

Now is the time to experiment with what’s left in your closet. Start mixing and matching items in different colors, try layering items, and experiment with accessories. See which getups look good on you and if they make you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. Take photos of each outfit, too, so you have a record of every ensemble you come up with for later reference. This stage is where you can let your creativity take over. Be bold with your choices and aim to come up with unique looks while making sure you stay true to yourself.

Now you’re ready to discover a style that works for you! Remember the lessons you’ve learned so far, and always keep your preferences in mind as you explore your options. Don’t be afraid to change things up, too, in case your tastes evolve. You can even update your mood board as your style journey progresses.

With all that said, don’t forget that style is just a way of presenting your personality and individuality to the world. So, once you’ve developed your favorite looks, make sure to proudly show them off to the world! You worked hard to find outfits that make you shine, after all.