Unique Be You: Youtuber Jake Mitchell launches athleisure brand

Unique Be You is a streetwear clothing brand by Jake Mitchell and launched on the back of his youtube success in May 2018 to his huge cult following. Following success of his official merchandise, the move into a streetwear brand was a no-brainer for the social media star. Alongside his mother, Suzzane, the pair designed and manufactured Jake’s clothing line predominately aimed at the teenage market.

Who is Jake Mitchell?

The British Vlogger has been a youtube sensation for the last decade, no mean feat for an 18-year-old. His youtube channel is the main showcase for the videos he hopes makes his followers laugh or smile and his 1.8 million subscribers seem to agree. Similar to Lo Lo London where fellow child sensation Sophia Grace Brownlee is the face and driving force, Unique Be You also caters for the teenage urban market and used the stars social media presence as an influencer.

Starting at just 8 years old editing pictures, Jake moved onto making short video films with his school friends when they were eleven. in 2011, they posted Nerf War Spy Film to his dad’s business youtube page which has been watched 7 million times. That springboard to stardom saw his youtube channel develop into a touring show, which was the main driver for Jake Mitchell’s official merchandise.

jake Michell clothing brand

Jake Mitchell in his Unique Be You clothing brand.

The startup of Unique Be You Clothing Brand

Off the back of a digital campaign for the Kingsman: The Golden Circle action moviehis fan base took kindly to the promotion and it opened the door for Jake to introduce his own clothing brand to huge initial success. Smart tactics like using his social media accounts to pick winners who had placed an order gave some lucky fans a personal shoutout.

The brand is modern streetwear styles and designs, covering the standard tees, joggers, hoodies and caps. The quality is very good, although some designs seem to be stock garments rebranded. The brand will never trouble the likes of Sik Silk and 11 Degrees, and I’m not convinced it will gain much popularity outside of Jakes loyal fanbase.

2020 edit: Unique Be You clothing line stopped trading in 2020, although the Jake Mitchell merch continues, as does his youtube channel and Jake is still very active across social media.


Unique Be You Logo

the Unique Be You Logo

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