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Another season, another new clothing brand for Spring/Summer 2020 press release for Lolo London hits the Hammersmith Fast Fashion News desk. First off, it’s actually Lo Lo London, often noted as LoLo.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was yet another identikit fashion house churn-out, with a catchy brand name and cute collection aimed at the Love Island generation. Yes, it was exactly our cup of tea, and we were beyond disappointed that there were no samples included (@Lololondon if you see this size small please!).

lololondon hoodie

SS20 brand launch sees a small capsule collection of Hoodies, Cropped Hoodies and caps, which no doubt is designed to test the market. But there is something that we love here about the designs that are more than just the cliche of “can be worn at the gym, home or out and about town”. I genuinely would wear this on Kensington High Street. I can’t wait to see what Lolo clothing styles come out next.

Who are Lolo London?

Always with new clothing brands, I like to have a look at the background to gauge how successful I think they will be. If I am tipping a brand for success, I want to mean it. Suddenly it became clear why the model seemed so familiar as the Lolo London owner is none other than internet sensation and social influencer Sophia Grace.

Who is Sophia Grace Brownlee?

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, 3.34 million subscribers on YouTube, 1 million followers on Facebook, it’s hard to believe Sophia is still just 16. If you need refreshing on how are Sophia and Rosie famous, they came to fame at just 8 years old with this video which has been watched 54 million times.

The impressive performance saw Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie McClelland invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show. They got their own segment with “Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie” and interviewed a host of major TV, film and music stars. Under the management of her father Dominic Brownlee, Books, TV Programs, Films, youtube channel and even Singing Dolls followed.

Sophia Grace today is more than just a former child singer. As a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova, creating her own fashion range seems a very logical step. We are watching Lolo London with great interest, and are certain Sophia Grace’s Clothing Brand will do very well. When Sophia talks of gifting her clothes to Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, it’s evident she is likely to get a good reach on her venture.

lolo london clothing

Lo Lo London Clothing

In similar fashion to fellow youtube star Jake Mitchell who started the Unique be You clothing brand, on launch we expect to see a peak of sales from a loyal fanbase eager to pick up the official Sophia Grace merch. As the garments go beyond stock items into high-quality bespoke gear, and the fact the colourways are very appealing, we expect and hope to see the brand have a strong appeal. The fashion brand is styled by Sophia Grace’s personal style and heavily influenced by her fans choice of colours and styles.

What we think will make this brand stand out from the crowd will be the expert social media handling and going from her personal Instagram, a very aesthetically pleasing social media profile. With plenty of celebrity friends on standby for those endorsements and promotion, the organic reach is there for the taking. Sophia is evidence that if you are genuine in showbusiness, people will naturally like you and want to work with you. So we expect the Lolo London founder to use that to great effect.

It’s a simple fact that social media needs content, and when you have a model wearing the clothes in exotic locations anyway, the opportunity for Instagram promotion is huge. Nice clothes should always sell well if marketed correctly, and all the stars are seemingly aligning for this one. I’m making a bold claim that the Lo Lo London clothing brand will be one to watch this year.

Is there a Lolo London Black Friday sale?

LoLo London have never gone on sale. Ever (trust me, I’ve been waiting). That’s not to say that they will not do a Black Friday Sale in 2020, but you will need to follow their social media to find out any announcement.

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