What to Do With The Extra Diamonds From A Tennis Bracelet  

For the uninitiated, a diamond tennis bracelet refers to a dazzling strand of diamonds worn on your wrist. 

The origin of this bracelet’s moniker is traced back to an incident at the 1987 US Open. Chris Evert, an exemplary American tennis player who won 18 Grand Slam titles between the years 1972 and 1989, suddenly asked for her game to be paused when she discovered that her diamond band bracelet went missing after a particularly strong swing. 

The umpire consented to this request and play stopped until the bracelet was located. This odd incident raked up so much attention that the jewellery piece came to be known as the diamond tennis bracelet ever since.

For those who have owned tennis bracelets in the past, you’ll know that some of the diamonds may come loose with time. It is for this purpose that we have put together a handy guide to help you repurpose those fallen diamonds! Read on for more.

tennis bracelet
diamond bracelets are always look stunning on the wrist

What Happens To Extra Diamonds From The Tennis Bracelet?

The diamonds that come loose from tennis bracelets tend to be small and vary from the standard quality of larger diamonds. The fact that these gems come in different sizes means that they cannot be used in diverse types of jewellery, and the very small tennis bracelets are harder to dismantle and repurpose. 

With that said, the extra diamonds from tennis bracelets usually lie forgotten without being cast into anything new. 

Repurpose Your Extra Tennis Bracelet’s Diamonds

  • Repurpose Them In Your Wedding Band   

Fortunately, there are still ways that one can repurpose these rocks. For starters, you can have the stones mounted on a channel set diamond ring or repurpose them into your wedding band to add some sparkle

As you must know already, there is no such thing as too many rings for a true jewellery lover. A simply designed setting can show off one or more diamonds and can still look great as part of a wedding set or on its own. 

Whether you stack them up and wear them all together, or prefer to allow each ring to shine on its own, you are giving the stones a new lease on life by recycling diamonds! 

wedding band with diamond

  • Make A Pair Of Earrings

A simple set of diamond ear studs are also a timeless and elegant piece of jewellery! These studs can make their wearers glow and effortlessly elevate any look and ensemble; Even just the simplest round diamond studs act as an impactful accessory. Repurposing the loose diamonds from a tennis bracelet into earrings is a convenient way to recycle the gems.

  • Build A Necklace Using A Few Diamonds From Your Bracelet        

A simple diamond necklace is a classic way to add diamonds to your outfit. By adding your old or vintage stone to a simple chain, you create an extremely elegant and simple piece that can be dressed down or up depending on your outfit. In addition to this, you could also set the diamond in a charm or pendant to wear around your neck! An example would be to place it in charms like hearts or flowers. Alternatively, you could choose something more meaningful, like lockets with messages or names of things you value.

Your choice of metal that the chain should be made of can be any colour that you would like to pair with the diamond. This could include white or yellow gold, rose gold, or even platinum. 

  • Design A New Pendant

Alternatively, you can use the loose diamonds from your old tennis bracelet to create an initial pendant! Making a pendant with fallen diamonds is a great way to make a meaningful piece of jewellery while still being resourceful.

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Things To Consider When Repurposing Your Tennis Bracelet’s Diamonds

Before you cast your loose diamonds into a new piece, keep an eye out on the design you’ve chosen to ensure that the size of the stones is suitable. 

Head to your favourite jewellery store and look for inspiration to reuse and repurpose these fallen diamonds. Motifs and designs like flowers, alphabets, or even more unconventional elements like crossbones can be set with your diamond or diamonds — there is a charm for every taste and style. There’s a diamond pattern for everyone! 

What’s more, is that these repurposed diamonds could also be excellent presents! Customize the jewellery you’re making to suit its recipients’ personality and features and you have a thoughtful present. Whether you are looking for a token of appreciation or a present for your trusted partner, friend, family, or all of the above – know that customized diamond jewellery makes a wonderful and thoughtful choice. 

Rest assured that this present will be received very well. Remember that whatever new setting you find for your old diamonds, you must take solace from the fact that you’re making a memory for yourself and generations to come.