The Summer Bag Trends for 2022 according to the Style Experts

Regardless of the location, every woman needs some sort of bag to carry their essentials, and the popular styles will be stand out at the beach, wedding, park, event, festival or general mooching about around town. The huge range of options available is plentiful, which can be overwhelming. So here is out our quick guide to the best summer bag trends for 2022.

Firstly a quick caveat; this article will ignore the manbag or designer handbag. This is a focus on the bigger over-the-shoulder styles capable of carrying suntan locations, drinks and cardigans, as well as the standard essentials like keys, phone, makeup and hairbrush.

FFN favourite Vanessa Bruno has a brilliant seasonal range that is well worth a look and fall in love with. The contemporary fashion style guru excels at French chic and bohemian style and has really wowed this season in general, but their bag collection is awe-inspiring and gorgeous.

Vanessa Bruno cabas tote bags

Cabas Tote Bags: Best All-Rounder

Cabas is a French word for basket, and tote means to carry by hand, so it’s effectively a canvas shopping bag. It’s designed to be supportive of weight and to be carried either on your shoulder or in your hand. Designs vary and can look very stylish, so the right one will have everything you’d want and still be easy to accessorize with your outfit thanks to its canvas, linen, raffia, leather and denim options. And coming in various sizes, it is really the ultimate summer bag.

vanessa bruno raffia bags

Raffia Bags: Best For The Beach

Raffia bags are made from the 20 species of Raphia Farinifera palm leaves and the eco-friendly manufacturing is sustainable. It’s superior to its straw organic fibre rival which is brittle. Raffia’s natural resin makes it more flexible and waterproof so is a great material for shoulder bags as can be coloured and embroidered. Great for the beach, with a rustic charm gives a great vibe with a maxi dress for strolling down the seafront promenade.

vanessa bruno moon bags

Moon Bags: Best For Evening Bags

If you do want to go smaller, then the moon bags are in for 2022.

First a technical breakdown. In most instances, a moon bag is so-called over the lunar shape, including the half-moon crescent version. In some places, it’s actually the equivalent to a bum bag, or fanny pack if you are like our Oliva and from the US. In short, a small pouch for holding small personal items, and typically worn on the outside of clothing.

I prefer the amazing Vanessa Bruno stylish take on the name, with their simply stunning range not much bigger than a purse made with raffia, linen, suede or leather. These carry less but are perfect for a clasp evening bag with a shoulder chain rather than the clutch bag style that needs to be carried.

vanessa bruno fishnet bags

Fishnet Bags: Best For Summer Holidays and Festivals

Fishnet is a style of string bag; round and spacious that resonates that summer vibe. The organic cotton versions are perfect for enclosing the contents to help keep them secure but also have that back-from-the-market look. The Mediterranean street style has a beautiful blue inspired by Greece so would look perfect in the winding streets of the villages in the Greek Islands.

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