Why Manchester is a Great City for a Career in Fast-Fashion

Following the release of Channel 4’s new documentary ‘Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester’, there’s been a lot of buzz around Manchester’s fast-fashion scene. Every week since the launch of the documentary, viewers have tuned in to watch one of the UK’s most prominent fast-fashion brands, Missguided, as they compete with other similar names such as Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, and In the Style, who are also based in this Northern Powerhouse city. The city is also the base for brands like Couture Club and Maniere De Voir.

So, what has led to the popularity of Manchester as a fast-fashion city, and why should you consider living and working here if you’re keen to explore a career in the industry? We take a look at some reasons why is a great option in the northwest rivalled only by Liverpool for those looking to pursue a fast-fashion career. Of for those who plan to start a clothing brand. It’s surprising brands don’t incorporate the city name much like Pre London, Bubi London, Rose London and Lo Lo London have.

Once nicknamed ‘cottonopolis’, the Northern city of Manchester has long been a prominent UK area when it comes to fashion and clothing. During the industrial revolution of the 1700-1800s, Manchester and its surrounding towns played a big part in the textile industry, having imported up to a billion tonnes of raw cotton a year.

Big fashion industry names have also come from Manchester, such as Matthew Williamson, the popular fashion and interior designer. By acting as a key player in the UK’s fashion scene, it makes sense for Manchester to have become such a prominent city for fast fashion brands.

Why Manchester is a Great City for a Career in Fast-Fashion

With so many huge head offices based in Greater Manchester, those looking for a role in the fashion industry are spoiled for choice. From buying and merchandising to marketing and PR, each of the fast-fashion brands based in the Manchester area offer roles to suit all specialisms.

The opportunities on offer in this city have likely played a big part in Manchester’s increasing population of young professionals. In 2017, there was a reported record-breaking rise in people moving to Manchester from London, while the city also boasts the second-highest graduate retention rate in the country.

When you compare London and Manchester from the perspective of a young professional, it’s easy to understand why so many young people are heading up North from the capital. Putting the plethora of fast-fashion headquarters aside, another of the biggest reasons why Manchester is such a great area to live and work in is its affordability in comparison to the capital.

While those living in London may expect a higher salary, the added expense of living in the capital means that young professional workers are left with little money to live on. The average cost to rent a one-bedroom flat in London currently stands at £1,732 pcm according to Zoopla, which is more than double Manchester’s average rental cost of £743 pcm for the same property type.

The rise of young professionals living and working in the city has led to a higher demand for quality rental properties. Key players in the property industry, like North-West based RWinvest, are working with property developers and introducing new and exciting rental accommodation for investors to purchase.

With luxury designs and facilities, these types of rental apartments provide a fantastic living solution for those working with Manchester’s booming fast-fashion companies, at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay in London.

By seeking out a career in Manchester, you can expect a choice of roles available in the city’s fast-fashion HQ’s, a thriving food and nightlife scene, an array of fantastic shops and attractions, and affordable yet luxurious housing options. If you’re ready to get started with your fashion career, Manchester is certainly the UK city to be in.