Top 6 Things Every Hairdresser Should Know

Last Updated on 4th September 2023

Do you have a passion for the art of hairdressing? Is it your career goal to become a sought-after stylist in your area? If so, then there are certain fundamentals of success that you should be aware of. From product knowledge and proper safety procedures to knowing how to identify hair types and textures, learning these basics will help set up your success as a professional hairdresser.

To give yourself the best chance at making it big in this industry, let’s consider some crucial elements that any budding stylist needs to master in order to bring out their clients’ unique style!

Hairdresser cutting hair with professional scissors jpg

Get comfortable using a variety of tools 

If you’re someone who struggles with using hair styling tools, fear not! It may take some practice, but you can soon become a pro with the right instruction. A good place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the different types of tools and products, such as blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, brushes, combs, and clips.

Once you have these basics down pat, try experimenting with their various uses for different hairstyles. Learning when to use each tool and how to shape and texture the hair of clients will give you the confidence you need to excel in the industry.

Learning how to hold scissors correctly and the different types of cutting techniques can help you create stunning looks that will wow your customers. It’s important to remember that a hairdresser is also an artist, so practice makes perfect!

Research the latest hair trends and keep up with what’s in style

If you’re someone who loves to stay on top of the latest trends, then being a hairdresser is perfect for you! Knowing what’s in and out in terms of hairstyles will make it easier for you to create looks that your clients will love.

Researching runway styles, celebrity cuts, and popular colour treatments can help give you ideas for how to keep your work fresh and current. Take advantage of social media and other platforms to keep updated on the latest trends, so that your clients can always be rocking their best styles!

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Understand the different types of products

Whether you’re looking to create natural, everyday styles or something more high-fashion and glamorous, there are a variety of products that can help you achieve the look you want. Knowing which products are best for each style is essential in creating a successful look.

For example, if you’re looking to add volume and texture to fine hair, then mousses and volumizing sprays may be the answer. On the other hand, if you’re trying to get a sleek and shiny look, then silicone-based products like serums and glosses are ideal. Having an understanding of which products work best for each style is key in helping you create amazing looks that will keep your clients coming back for more!

Master colour-matching techniques for different hair types 

Have you ever coloured someone’s hair only to find that the shade you chose doesn’t quite look right? The key to avoiding that uncomfortable situation is mastering colour-matching techniques for different hair types. Learning how to identify undertones and adjust your colour formula accordingly can make all the difference in achieving desired results.

Whether you’re working with someone who has fine, straight hair or someone with thick, curly locks, being able to tailor your approach to their unique characteristics can unlock endless possibilities. So why not take the time to hone your skills? With a little practice, you’ll be able to create stunning, custom colour looks that your clients will absolutely love.

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Be familiar with common hair treatments 

Unleashing the potential for creative expression and beauty is part of what makes hairdressing so exciting. But sometimes the desired look requires a specialized treatment, such as perms, highlights, or lowlights. Knowing how to apply these treatments correctly can help you create magical transformations that will make your clients feel amazing.

Take the time to research how to use these techniques properly and practice on friends and family before you take on the challenge of using them with clients. With a bit of patience and skill, you can create looks that will have everyone turning heads!

Practice proper hygiene when working with clients 

As professionals in the beauty industry, it is crucial to prioritize hygiene when working with clients. In order to provide a safe and clean environment, it is essential to regularly wash brushes between customers and sanitize stations. Not only does this prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, but it also shows your clients that you value their health and well-being.

By practicing proper hygiene, you can ensure that your clients leave feeling confident and satisfied with the services you provide. So let’s make a commitment to practicing good hygiene habits and maintaining a hygienic workspace for the safety and comfort of our clients.

If you’re ready to take your hair styling career to the next level, it’s time to do the research and put in the work. Be sure to research the latest trends, hone your product knowledge, master colon-matching techniques, get comfortable with all the tools and treatments, and practice proper hygiene when working with clients.

Taking all these tips into account will help you deliver extraordinary results that guarantee satisfied customers. Developing your skillset is an exciting journey of learning and adaptation – commit to this journey today so that you can create unique looks for each client and be proud of what you provide.