3 Sales Techniques to Help Fashion Brands Sell

The basis of success for most fashion retailers is to shift as many clothes as possible, to generate a positive brand attitude among consumers, and to reach as many people as possible.

The method that different fashion brands choose to do this differs – PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo, opt for influencers to showcase their clothing, while Vivienne Westwood showcases more premium products at exclusive events. For those who haven’t yet cultivated a worldwide appeal, what influences can they adopt to help create a brand that actually sells clothes?

Lower Price, Lower Consumer Risk

Offering purchase incentives is one strategy that fashion brands use to build their name. Cheap clothes are one way of convincing consumers to make the purchase – low risk, potentially high reward if the outfit is lasting and looks good. This strategy has been adopted from stores such as Dollar Tree, which offer products for a relatively cheap price. If the product isn’t suitable or doesn’t work as well, consumers tend not to mind because of the low price they paid for it.

For instance, fast food restaurants often bring out new menu items for such low prices, that many are convinced to try them. For fashion brands, relying on people to then post images of themselves in their clothes and using the product across social media can help eliminate any doubt that such low-risk products would not be suitable.

Incentivized Purchases

Some fashion brands offer prompts for customers to make the purchase. These can include discounts for first-time buyers – ASOS offers 10% for new customers – or free shipping for spending over a certain amount. Every streaming service provides a free trial of their platform. Netflix offers a free month, while Spotify often offers new users three months for a severe discount.

ecommerce cart

Cart Abandonment Strategies

One of the major roadblocks to success is people browsing online and then clicking off and leaving items lingering in the basket. There are a few tricks employed to try to promote these items from cart dwellers to purchases. New Look, for instance, have a cart abandonment plan that kicks in if you have left items in your basket, by offering a discount for a limited time if you make the purchase.

While Amazon retargets ads across the web for the products you haven’t yet bought, eBay sends personalized emails about items that have been added to the cart – such as price changes and notices for when the bidding window is closing.

There are many sales techniques that fashion brands can employ that are commonly used elsewhere. This could be to bring out a lot of clothes for low prices, eliminating any doubt about making the purchase, offering an incentive to make the sale, or employing marketing strategies for those who haven’t yet clicked ‘Buy Now’.  The more units sold, the more likely people will know of your brand and thus the cycle will lead to brand success.