Top Tips to Maximise Your Wardrobe for Autumn/Winter

As the carefree vibe of summer dressing dissolves in a sudden snap of crisp autumnal air, we’re reminded that choosing an outfit for this season means getting creative. Still warm enough for bare legs under a maxi but chilly enough for gorgeous knitwear, autumn is about stretching sartorial confidence to its limits before having to succumb to the day-long coldness of winter.

Colour Catcher (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Wilko, ASDA) sheet, the number one laundry sheet for colour protection, shares five top tips to maximise your wardrobe this season while making more sustainable choices and saving money at the same time.

bright colours for autumn

  1. Mix it up and experiment with colour

According to fashionistas and catwalk queens, this season is all about ‘playful punches’ of colour. Vogue suggests head to toe oranges and zesty lime greens alongside the traditional seasonal browns and greys are all en pointe. This is not the time to think minimalist, it’s about going bold and experimenting with striking colours, complemented by neutral tones. While this sounds like it may generate mountains of washing – separating lights from darks – and therefore receiving a hefty energy bill after numerous wash cycles, it doesn’t have to be this way.

By adding a Colour Catcher to your load, you’ll be able to confidently mix colours and whites without any loose dye ruining the lighter coloured clothes, and ultimately saving time from sorting through loads. Reducing the number of wash cycles has the added benefit of cutting your energy bill too, which is now front of mind for everyone as we look to save money this winter.

colour catcher


  1. Use Colour Catcher to maintain brightness of summer clothes and recycle them for autumn  

You’ve probably already packed away the clothes only ever worn on a summer holiday but if not, some TLC will keep them fresh ahead of next year. Wash every item before storing it and add a Colour Catcher sheet to protect its brightness – this is particularly important for colourful summer clothes which are at their best when most bold and if you can protect them in this way, your favourite summer dresses can be recycled as winter wear – see below for tips on how to achieve this.

After washing, store summer clothes you have no intention of wearing until next year in vacuum bags or airtight storage boxes to prevent moth damage and ultimately extend their life so when it comes to summer 2023, you can re-invigorate your wardrobe with an entire new season’s worth of clothes.

Don’t pack away all your summer dresses because with a few key essentials such as a rollneck, a knitted tank top and some quality tights, it’s amazing how many can be worn throughout the colder months. By protecting the brightness of bold colours of summer dresses, you can restyle your wardrobe without splashing any cash on new outfits.

The key is to experiment and recognise what looks good on you because a chunky boot can look great with some certain midis but not all. You can even tuck a lightweight summer dress into a skirt and viola… a new top! Try this in reverse with a summer dress and a jumper over the top for a new skirt.

wearing layers in autumn

  1. Layers, layers and more layers

With the unpredictability of autumn temperatures, layers are key.  These create the perfect way to muster countless new looks from your existing clothes but also increases your own personal sustainability because you’re cutting down on fast fashion.

Keep the layers on the lighter side but mix in one bulky piece such as a chunky sweater. A fun way of layering with button-up shirts is by wearing a knitted jumper on top and allowing the collar, cuffs and sleeves of the shirt to pop-out. This gives a smart finish to an outfit and looks great with a mix of autumnal colours.

Dungarees are also ideal for layering because you can wear long-sleeved tops and turtlenecks with them in the colder months. Plus, removing one layer at a time is much easier than carrying around a change of outfit during the changeable autumn weather.

  1. Don’t forget about accessories

Staples such as black jeans and coloured tops can serve well as a ‘workplace wardrobe’ but if you want to liven things up, dust off a bold scarf or pashmina lurking at the bottom of your wardrobe and usually only worn at weddings. Consider using a headscarf for hiding a bad hair day and think about how your make-up and certain hues can complement your outfit with maybe a colour pop on the lips.

Encompassing these extra pieces will ensure you feel like you’re wearing a different outfit to the one last week, even if you’re in the same jeans and top. Look through your clothes and think about what you wear all the time. While your staples may be just two or three basic types of ensemble, having multiple versions of your favourite go-tos at hand will save you time in the mornings.

colour catcher whitening


  1. Prevent dullness with Colour Catcher and extend the life of your favourite jeans

Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans. To avoid having to replace them more often than necessary, use a Colour Catcher sheet – made of 100% naturally-derived fibres and free from microplastic fibre – to catch loose dye and prevent fading during washing. Washing them inside out will also help and protect the fabric from friction and direct exposure from detergent – which is partly what produces fading.

Even if not seen by the naked eye, traces of dye may also deposit in every wash and build up a layer of mixed colours on your favourite jeans over time, resulting in dullness. Using our steps for careful TLC you’ll extend the shelf-life of your favourite jeans which is a more sustainable option, maximise your wardrobe choices, and save money at the same time.