5 ways to wear a dress this summer

If there is one item of clothing that a woman needs to get through the summer season, that is a dress. With that in mind and with summer just around the corner, D2Line wants to help you express your personal style with five great ways to style a dress for the upcoming season.

Keep on reading to learn more and get the best dress styling advice from professionals.

Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

Summer is coming, so getting dress-ready is on everyone’s to-do list. But in order to make a statement and look modern, without sacrificing your personal style, it’s good to know what are the fashion trends that deserve our attention. 

Check out this list of the hottest dress trends in summer 2022:

  • Bright colours
  • Sleeveless dresses
  • Baggy dresses
  • Breathable lightweight fabrics
  • Asymmetrical cut

Ready to embrace these fashion trends? Then pair up with our summer bag trends and lets go.

summer dress

5 ways to wear a dress this season

Bright colours

This summer, choose a dress in a bold bright colour. Some of the trendy dress colours that make a strong statement and are worth checking out are bright yellow, lime green, cerulean, lilac and tangerine. But remember, if you go for daring and vibrant shades, make sure your accessories, shoes, and cover-ups are a bit more neutral to balance out the outfit.

No sleeves

Sleeveless dresses are very popular for this summer season. They allow you to stay fresh and cool, all the while looking stunning in your favourite dress. These types of dresses are extremely simple and minimalistic, so they can fit almost every aesthetic when accessorized right. Feel free to choose shoes and statement accessories that match your personal style and preferences.

Baggy look

Thanks to the youthful influence of streetwear fashion, in summer 2022, fashionistas all around the globe are craving the baggy look. Even when it comes to dresses. We are talking free-falling A-shaped or straight cut midi dresses, as long as they are not skin-hugging.

A good thing about baggy dresses is they allow you to stay cool and avoid sweat stains during the hot summer days. They are also suitable for all body types and can make every woman face life with confidence. Depending on the model of your baggy dress, make sure to accessorize in the same style.

Breathable fabrics

Breathable fabrics are so trendy right now, and to be honest, we cannot be happier about it. That is because this type of textile is very comfy and lightweight, and minimizes sweating during the hot summer days. Staying fresh and cool under the scorching sun sounds like a dream come true. 

On top of that, dresses made of breathable fabrics are usually flowy and playful, giving out a wild summery vibe. Go for a monochromatic colourful look, a floral pattern, or a black-and-white abstract pattern.

Asymmetrical cut

Getting a dress with an asymmetrical cut is one of the best decisions you can make for your summer wardrobe. Not only is it very modern and stylish, but it is also a super elegant and versatile garment that can be worn every day, in the office, and on special occasions. 

Choose the length of the dress according to your personal preferences. If you intend to wear it to work, then choose a long or knee-length dress and neutral accessories. In case you need the dress for a party or everyday setting, you can go for a shorter dress and complement it with a stylish belt and a silk neck scarf.