6 Must-Know Tips To Stay Stylish During Lockdown

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, it is required for everyone to protect themselves and others by staying at home.

Times are quite strange right now, and some of us have definitely neglected the need for style. Some would say it’s because nobody is seeing them, while it’s true, there are still many good reasons why you should stay stylish during lockdown.

Firstly, it is undeniable that we all need a little bit of normality and fun to distract ourselves from the current situation, and among all ideas, getting ready each morning can absolutely do the job. By mixing and matching new outfits, you are free to get creative with your looks and start your day with excitement.

Stay Stylish During Lockdown

Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of a good outfit, because even the average-looking one can lift your mood no matter what. Even when you are not feeling great, dressing well will bring you many positive thoughts.

So, how to make staying fashionable during these difficult times possible? Let’s look at the 6 tips we have combined below:

  1. Look for inspiration

You have to stay in, which may sound sad, but how about making it the perfect chance to spice up your own styles?

Let’s start by seeing what you’ve got in your wardrobe and try a new mix and match. A personalized Hawaiian shirt seems to be a very great idea at this point.

Hawaiian Shirts

If you find it difficult to get creative, try scrolling through Pinterest, and watching Youtube fashion vloggers for inspiration. Besides color combination and outfit ideas, you may be fascinated by what the style icons have been wearing lately.

Besides, retail therapy has been proven to raise the mood of buyers, however, make sure you buy only the essentials for your outfits.

  1. Don’t forget to skincare

Talking about the lockdown, this is a suitable time to take extra good care of your skin. Don’t let boredom take you away from this important process. You can minimize the amount of makeup, but don’t skip your skincare routine. You can’t get stylish if your skin is unhealthy.

So, if you have to go out, while putting on a face mask, apply sunscreen. And before going to sleep, remember to wash your face gently with micellar water and apply moisturizer. If you leave your makeup on for too long especially overnight, your skin will get dry and wrinkled easily.

  1. Clean your wardrobe

How long since the last time you sourced through your wardrobe? If you can’t remember when it’s time you reviewed your special collection. We have all been through hours of choosing what to wear each morning, and that is exhausting!

Therefore, try to determine which pieces are important to you, and which are not necessary anymore. After that, you will see clearly what your current preferences are, then make better clothing choices the next time you shop.

clothes at home

If you feel stressed, cleaning up your closet is also great in-house therapy.

When done, don’t throw your clothes away if they are still in great condition. Use social media and other platforms to sell them and earn some more this quarantine!

  1. Dress for success

If you have finally cleaned your wardrobe, got some fashion inspiration, and defined your styles, let’s dress your best every day! You may feel down lately, but as we’ve mentioned above, a good outfit can turn the situation around.

Even when you have to stay home, try dressing like you’re going to some special occasion. Imagine going to a wedding, a night out with your besties after lockdown, or an interview, you will be surprised at how each outfit makes you feel every day.

Once the lockdown is over, you can choose what to wear so easily, without being overwhelmed or off-trend. Until then,

  1. Take photos of your outfits

Seriously, why not? This is a simple yet effective way to record your efforts, take references for future wear, post on Instagram, etc. Imagine rushing to get dressed on a Saturday night, you won’t be as panic with all your available resources.

Invite your friends to join your outfit matching games, there will be so many more ideas for you all! You can provide suggestions for your friends and vice versa, also, keep track of one another’s styling progress.

style in lockdown

  1. Be optimistic

If you have read until here, let’s assume that you are planning to source through your wardrobe, take better care of your skin, and put on the best outfits every day. That is very great, but you should focus on your mental health as well.

Although it is uncertain when everything will return to “normal”, try to take charge of what you can be certain about in your life. Your outfits and how you look are the perfect examples of this.

So, remember the meaning behind all of your efforts, and you will feel better and adapt to the situation more easily.

That concludes our 6 tips you must know to stay stylish during, and even after lockdown. To recap, pay attention to your skin, clean your closet, try different styles, dress for success, be positive while doing so, and keep everything in your photo library.

Let’s make this quarantine a styling opportunity, shall we? And finally, stay safe to you all!