How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Reception Dress 

a new bride in a stunning wedding reception dress

Last Updated on 6th January 2024

Your wedding day is said to be one of the most magical days that would happen in your life. As you plan for the upcoming event, you want to ensure that everything surrounding your wedding date perfectly goes as you planned. Apart from choosing the right event suppliers and venue, you might want to consider having a wedding reception dress to make the day extremely comfortable.  

While your wedding dress is what everyone will see as you walk down the aisle, you might not feel extremely comfortable wearing them for the entire day, especially if you want to party and have fun during your reception. With that, having a reception dress would only be practical. Plus, it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear two beautiful dresses on the same day.  

Moreover, below are the tips on how to choose the perfect wedding reception dress: 

  1. Match It With Your Reception Venue  

The best way to look for the perfect wedding reception dress is to match it well with your reception venue and theme. In this way, you can allow for a well-blended look, making it pleasing to everyone’s eyes. To start, you can use your venue’s trendy wedding centrepieces as your reference and let your imagination work from there.  

For your formal centrepieces, you should consider having a formal wedding reception dress, ideally using crepe or satin as the main fabric. If you’d like your reception to be flowy and smooth, as you’ll be using lace or chiffon, having soft and romantic centrepieces would help bring in the mood. 

If you’re flexible with your reception dress design, you can look for popular flower ideas online and see which one best fits your theme and venue. 

  1. Prioritize Your Comfort 

Most of the time you’ll be spending during your wedding day is at your reception as you’ll party and celebrate with your family and friends. With that, you may want to ensure that you choose a wedding reception dress that can make you extremely comfortable and enjoy wearing for hours.  

When choosing your reception dress, the next advisable step is that you should always prioritize your comfort by going for an evening gown that you can easily move and dance around. Preferably, wearing ballgowns should be out of the picture as it’ll be difficult for you to show your moves along with being able to walk around the area without worrying about bumping into people. You can quickly go with flowy or A-line dresses for maximum comfort. Also, don’t forget to use comfortable underwear for your special day. Take a look online where you can find the right set for you on sites like EBY.

a bride to be tries out wedding dresses

  1. Don’t Limit Yourself With Dresses 

Apart from wearing another dress for your wedding, you might want to consider wearing a different style of clothing that can make you extremely comfortable. You can even ask the groom to play along and ask them to choose a good shirt for their reception suit.  

As you choose for your wedding reception dress, you should consider wearing a short dress or even a jumpsuit. To ensure that you still allow yourself to stand out to the crowd and let people know that you’re the bride, you should go with an all-white dress and match it with a pretty headpiece, like a flower crown or a simple sparkly crown.

With these few details, people would instantly know who’s the star of the show without wearing a fancy dress.  Of course, this is also a great time to celebrate any other cultures or family heritage. There is plenty of inspiration from brides from around the world to embrace.

  1. Make It Different 

While you might be in love with the design of your wedding dress, it would be helpful if you could make your reception dress look entirely different from it. In this way, you’re giving yourself a brand-new look and be able to experiment with which design would look best for you.  

While wearing an off-shoulder dress would help make you look romantic, if you’re already using that for your wedding dress, you should consider having a different dress style and fabric cut for your reception dress. Depending on your choice and comfortability, you can choose to go for a spaghetti strap, sleeveless, or strapless. For an added touch, it would also be helpful to play around with different fabrics to make it look like a brand-new wedding dress.  

  1. Try To Add Colours 

Lastly, if you’re not the type of bride who’s comfortable wearing an all-white dress for too long, you can choose to add colours to your wedding reception dress for an added pop. Ideally, you should choose a colour that matches your theme and not just something you think would go well.  

If you’d still like to make your dress look bridal, you should choose a white dress for the main colour and just add a hint of colour as support. You can choose to customize your outfit and allow the shades to appear by the bottom part gradually. Additionally, you can add the colours for your lace details or a belt for a subtle touch.  


A wedding reception dress will help to make you comfortable and give your guests a brand-new look they could look forward to. Along with this, it’ll be great if you could match your dress with your reception venue down to the minute details like wedding bands to complete the look. 

Apart from decorating the entire place with a vintage theme, it would help to dress along with it, making your appearance stand out to the crowd. After all, you won’t be able to dress up as a bride every day, so make the most out of your wedding.