7 Signs You’re Staying In A Luxury Hotel

Last Updated on 24th April 2023

Luxury hotels are often regarded as a home away from home for business tycoons, celebrities, world leaders and royalty. A hotel is considered a luxurious if it offers guests a 5 star accommodation experience. They also offer unparalleled comfort, relaxation and convenience, as well as providing their guests with world-class service, amazing food and stunning accommodation.

However, when searching the internet for offers on accommodation, you may notice that less luxurious-looking hotels use the term luxurious or five star to describe themselves. This means that it can be challenging to check which hotels are luxury and which are not.

Does the hotel have fine restaurants, a fitness centre, a spa with an indoor pool, steam room, and hot tub. Do the facilities include champagne on arrival, air conditioning, a dining room, a private balcony, a cocktail bar, city views, sea views and is it popular with celebrity guests?

You might want to be walking distance from some famous attractions and the best hotels will have the best dedicated concierge service who will have local knowledge that will include all dining options in the proximity and will help with booking them for you.

So, how do you know if you’re staying in a luxury hotel? Here are some tell-tale signs:

1. Luxury Guest Rooms

One of the easiest ways to tell whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel is by the hotel rooms. Luxury hotel rooms look fantastic and have high-quality furnishings with expensive touches. You should look for a spacious, quiet room with thick walls and floors, lots of wardrobe space, open windows, and original artwork on the walls.

Another way to tell whether the hotel is luxurious is to look at the quality of the linen they use. Luxury hotels use high-quality hotel linen. Most also offer their guests a pillow menu, allowing them to choose comfortable pillows.

2. Outstanding Customer Service

Guests who book a luxury hotel can expect outstanding customer service. They should have their needs met efficiently, quickly and professionally, with no rolling eyes from the hotel employees.

3. Fine Dining Restaurants

The majority of luxury hotels feature award-winning fine-dining restaurants that offer a range of sophisticated dishes from around the world. Some may be Michelin starred restaurants and others may offer an afternoon tea experience or even a chef’s table for you dining pleasure.

4. Room Service

While it can be nice to eat in a hotel restaurant during your stay, many guests also like the idea of eating their meal in their room. However, not all hotels offer room service. If your hotel offers room service, chances are you’re staying in a luxury hotel.

Luxury hotel pool with hammocks
The swimming pool will tell you if it is a grand hotel or not

5. Deluxe Facilities

As well as offering guests fine dining restaurants, most luxury hotels also have several other facilities for guests to enjoy. This includes things like saunas, steam rooms and fitness centres. These facilities offer the perfect opportunity for guests to relax.

6. The Cleanliness

If you step inside into a hotel and notice dust on the reception desk or dirt on the floor, there’s a high possibility that you’re not staying in a luxury hotel. Luxury hotels pride themselves on offering their guests clean accommodation, and not just in the rooms. They also ensure the lobby, hallways, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and elevators are sparking clean too. They do this because cleanliness is extremely important to guests.

7. First Class Touches

Another way you can tell if you’re staying in a luxury hotel is by the first-class touches. These hotels have modern and unique contemporary furnishings and features, plush amenities, and state-of-the-art technology for their guests to enjoy.

Luxury hotels are sought after and expensive for good reasons. They provide guests with exclusive amenities, an incredible experience and unparalleled service. As well as this, most luxury hotels are located in the most sought-after areas. Why not consider booking a luxury hotel stay for your next holiday?