What You Should Be Wearing This Summer

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Oo la la, summer, the best time of the year, right?! The time to revamp your wardrobe and indulge in the latest summer trends on the high street. All the animal prints are prevailing. Although, didn’t we already bring leopard print back into fashion last year? Anyway, it’s in this summer! The voguish trend that will never go out of fashion. From tie-dye – (yep, you heard it. Wasn’t that SO 1960?) to polka dots; whether you are staying put this summer or venturing to the South of France, you do not want to miss out on these!

Animal print

My favourite! For the darers that want an edge. Chic, valiant and sleek. Animal print is not just a trend anymore, it has become a way of life. Look around your local shop, pub, office, or walk down the high street – snakes, tigers, cheetahs and zebras everywhere! And yes, how could I forget the swank of them all, the leopard.

Snake Print

The snake print skirt must slither it’s way into your wardrobe at some point this summer. Spotted all across fashion week and down the high street, make a statement whether bold or meek. Go for the snake print trousers or skirt and plain vest combo or brave it all in a snakeskin two-piece. Take a look below and snap it up!

Zebra Print

The zebra print dress is a must-have piece this summer.  Whether it be a unique asymmetrical number or a cute zebra pini. Both sycophantic as they are courageous. A zebra print bodysuit is also a favourite of mine – versatile! Flaunt it on the beach in Ibiza or own it in the work office with some smart suit trousers. Take a look at some pieces below:


Leopard print – the print that will forever be tasteful!

The aesthetically pleasing, enduring and damn right jaunty trend. Whether it be summer, and you are in a leopard print bikini, or winter and you are in a leopard print coat; it will never not look good! Take a look at Kate Moss, owning it in the early ’90s and still rocking it now – a leopard print icon.

When it comes to leopard print this summer, you need to get your hands on a pair (or pairs!) of leopard print shoes. Rock a pair of sandals down the seafront or create an entrance in a swanky pair of leopard print boots. Hot! Whatever the look!

The leopard print dress is an obvious choice this summer. Whether you go for the maxi or the mini belted at the waist, the textured or printed; you need one ASAP!

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Polka dot

The trend that never seems to go out of fashion. It has now hit every designer store at full force this summer and is more versatile than ever before. The snazziness of the print on a polka dot dress requires little styling, leading to its popularity summer after summer from holidays to music festival. Why don’t you be a little more adventurous? Take inspiration from Burberry and match your polka dot top and skirt to your shabby chic dotty shoes. Find your favourite summer look below:

Tie Dye

Why is tie-dye back for summer 2019 you ask? Well, Justin Bieber posing on Instagram and Beyonce pictured tie-dye on the beach is why. The classic hipster style t-shirts may come into mind,  but this summer the evolvement of tie-dye shows it to be cool and chic. As worn on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, there are even pretty luxurious tie-dye dresses out there! The rebirth of the tie-dye trend is pervading in all your favourite high street stores. From tie-dye bikinis to tie-dye playsuits. Here are the pieces you should be getting your hands on below:

Bike shorts

Cycling shorts, bike shorts, trike shorts; whatever you wish to call them. Should you, would you, can you pull them off is what you are asking yourself, right? Yes, is the answer! They are the shocking surprise which your summer wardrobe needed. An alternative to all your summer dresses, pinch your bf’s XL t-shirt and pair it up with cycling shorts for an edgy street look.

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Venice beach ?

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Neon Green

So, lets trackback, first came the pink, the yellow, the purple and now we have the lovely green. I mean, if you are a flamboyant person then this really is the fashion trend for you. This luminous neon green will really make sure you are not missed by a single set of eyes. As in essence, you are a walking Sharpie!

Whether you like the Neon trend or not, it was worn by pretty much every celebrity going on Instagram by the end of last year and now the neon green trend has persisted and stayed. Start slow and begin with a neon green skirt. Then be bold, I dare you, and ooze in a super eye-catching and bright neon green dress.

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really into green these days ? Happy New Year!

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A fierce fishnet outfit if pulled off correctly is undoubtedly one of the stylish looks around and is a top hit for the festival season. Add fishnet socks and fishnet tights under denim shorts for a sexy, skin-baring outfit.

My personal favourites are the fishnet dresses. How can you make a plain black dress cool? Put a black fishnet dress over the top. How can you make a plain white dress cool? Put a white fishnet dress over the top. See, easy isn’t it?